Here's How To Score A $3 Angry Whopper From Burger King For A Limited Time

Burger King, home of the flame-grilled Whopper, is bringing back a customer favorite to the menu: the Angry Whopper. To celebrate its brief return, Burger King is offering a budget-friendly deal that's going to make the cost of your next Angry Whopper so much cheaper. The deal will only set you back a few bucks, which is totally worth it for a burger of this caliber, IMO. However, you won't be able to claim this deal in the drive-thru line without doing your research first. Here's how to get Burger King's $3 Angry Whopper deal.

Prepare your tastebuds, because Burger King is resurrecting the Angry Whopper from the fast food graveyard. The Angry Whopper features a quarter-pound, flame-grilled patty topped with American cheese, onion petals, thick-cut bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, and creamy mayonnaise, according to Burger King. See what I mean about preparing your tastebuds? It's loaded with flavor.

The Angry Whopper is available at participating Burger King locations across the country as of April 11, but there's a way you can get it for less, according to the fast-food chain. Per a tweet from BK, you can order the Angry Whopper for just $3 right now. However, you can't just show up at the counter to order a $3 Angry Whopper. This particular price is only available for mobile ordering, according to Burger King.

Burger King App/Screenshot Rachel Murphy

To claim the deal, start by downloading the Burger King app to your mobile device. This is where you're going to find the $3 Angry Whopper promotion. It's available for iOS and Android devices, so you should have no problem installing the app. Once the app is installed on your phone, open it up and click the "offers" tab located in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen. Here, you'll find all sorts of deals from BK, including the $3 Angry Whopper offer.

To begin the ordering process, tap the offer. Then, you'll be prompted to choose a Burger King location where you'll pick up the Angry Whopper. You can search by city and state, or by your zip code. I know this kind of sounds like a lot of work, but I promise it's not (and you'll be so happy in the end). OK, tap on the location where you want to get your Burger, and then click "Select This Restaurant" at the bottom of the screen.

Burger King App/Screenshot Rachel Murphy

The next step is to decide how you want to pick up your $3 Angry Whopper. You can choose from the following options: drive-thru, dine-in, or take-out. Now, keep in mind that the Angry Whopper is only available at participating Burger King restaurants. There's no guarantee that your preferred BK location is going to carry the Angry Whopper, but it's worth checking. But, if so, the final steps are pretty simple. Just follow the prompts to complete your order.

All in all, $3 is a great price for the Angry Whopper. According to Burger King, the Angry Whopper usually goes for $5.79. (You can also snag it in a $6 King Box, which has an Angry Whopper, French fries, a soft drink, and dessert.) The $3 mobile deal is redeemable until Sunday, April 21 at 11:59 p.m. PT, per the coupon info located within the Burger King app. Oh, and it's not valid on delivery orders and can only be used once per customer. I don't know about you, but my tummy is grumbling now. I couldn't find the Angry Whopper at my local BK, so a road trip might be in the cards for me.