You Can Get A Free Scoop Of Tipsy Scoop's New Holiday Ice Cream Flavor For A Boozy Treat


IMHO, 'tis always the season for a pint of ice cream, especially when said-ice cream comes with some boozy flavor that's guaranteed to put you in a merry and bright spirit for the holidays. New York-based ice creamery Tipsy Scoop is teaming up with Lime-A-Rita for a brand new flavor that's inspired by a mixed berry margarita, and you can try out one of these bad boys completely gratis later this week. Here’s how to get a free scoop of Tipsy Scoop and Lime-A-Rita’s celebratory "Not Gram's Cran" ice cream flavor, because you're not going to want to miss out on this libation-inspired treat.

On Dec. 21, Tipsy Scoop is elevating the TGIF festivities with the opportunity for New Yorkers to score a free scoop of "Not Gram's Cran" ice cream at the retailer's Barlour at 217 E 26th. Considering that the deal combines my two very favorite things in life — margaritas and ice cream — and the fact that you're getting this winning mash-up completely free of charge, this is a spiked ~ situation ~ that you're not going to want to pass on. There's just one catch: You need to be one of the first 100 New Yorkers to walk in through the door to get the complimentary scoop, and you must bring your I.D. to prove that you're over 21 and can consume alcohol legally.

While I'd normally pass on imbibing in a boozy treat that early in the day (doors open at noon) during a week day, many people will probably be taking off from work early for the Christmas holidays on Friday. In addition, the limited-edition flavor is only 1.7 percent alcohol per the press materials, so you'd probably need like five of these treats to actually feel even a little bit tipsy.


Not that you'd have any problem pounding five of these cones. According to press materials, the cocktail-meets-artisan-ice-cream sounds like it'd make a delicious afternoon snack.

According to the website, here's what you can expect: "This spiked scoop is a delicious cranberry ice cream flavor infused with 'Berry-A-Rita' and sprinkled with chunks of graham cracker and topped with a cinnamon swirl for a fun take on the holiday classic— but not like your grandma makes." It looks completely delicious, and the chunks of cranberries that are mixed in are just an added (and very festive) bonus.


In addition to scoops, the limited-edition flavor also comes in cup and even pint form if you're looking for some boozy bites that you can enjoy all weekend or even a Christmas gift that you know the recipient will love and cherish. According to a Tipsy Scoop rep, you can also purchase scoops of "Not Gram's Cran" for $4.75 each if you're not one of the first 100 customers to get in the door on Friday, Dec. 21, or if you'd rather enjoy the flavor as a happy hour treat.

"Not Gram's Cran" is only on sale through Dec. 31, 2018, so I'd grab your crew to try the boozy flavor before the end of the year or sample one of Tipsy's many other spiked scoops.