Chili's Is Giving Away Free Burgers If You Order Through DoorDash

Courtesy of Chili's

Fans of Chili's Grill & Bar are having a really exciting month. In early June, the restaurant partnered with DoorDash to make quick and convenient deliveries a possibility — but that's not it. On Monday, June 17, Chili's announced that it's giving Oldtimer with Cheese burgers away for free on DoorDash for three days (I'm not kidding). However, there are a *few* stipulations that come along with the special. If you're wondering how to get a free Chili's burger through DoorDash, I'll show you the way.

But before I do that, I'll tell you a little bit more about the special (because the company isn't just giving free burgers away willy-nilly). According to a Chili's press release emailed to Elite Daily, the restaurant will be giving free Oldtimer with Cheese burgers away from June 17 to June 19 through DoorDash orders only. (So, no, you won't be able to score a free burger in the restaurant itself.) There are 25,000 burgers up for grabs throughout 1,000 participating Chili's restaurants, so order up.

Now that I got those deets out of the way, I'll get into the fun ones. According to Chili's, every free Oldtimer with Cheese burger scored via DoorDash will come with a $0 delivery fee. Yes, that means you'll get a completely free burger on behalf of Chili's and DoorDash.

Courtesy of Chili's

Alright, now I'll tell you how to score one. According to the company, the first thing you'll need to do is sign into DoorDash's website or download the company's app (which is available for both Apple and Android users). After that, you'll need to make sure Chili's is one of your local restaurants. If it is, click on it and start scanning the menu. In order to score a free Oldtimer with Cheese burger, you'll have to order at least $10 worth of food — so pick your favorite dishes (I'm looking at you, Skillet Queso).

Once your cart is filled with at least $10 worth of Chili's food, you'll be able to score your free burger. In order to do so, enter the promo code "OLDTIMER" at checkout. Then, a complimentary Oldtimer with Cheese burger will be delivered with the rest of your order.

So, yes, in addition to finally ordering Chili's through DoorDash, you'll be able to score a burger on the house. If you're excited about the delicious promo (same), you're not alone. Toby Espinosa, Vice President of Business Development at DoorDash, talked about the special in a press release. He said,

Chili’s was a top-requested restaurant by DoorDash customers, so it comes as no surprise that demand was high in our test markets. DoorDash takes pride in ensuring that all Chili’s menu items — from their crispy Southwestern Eggrolls to their juicy Oldtimer with Cheese — arrive at Guests’ homes just as they would be served in restaurant. We are excited to see how fans across the country react to our partnership.

With that being said, don't worry if you miss out on Chili's free burger deal. Again, the restaurant is now available on DoorDash, which means you can have your faves delivered straight to your house on the reg. If you definitely want a free burger, though, make sure you use the code "OLDTIMER" at checkout before June 19.