This Company Is Giving Away $2,500 For Your Next Vacation, Because Money Is Tight

It's obvious that going on vacation can get expensive. Whether you're planning a solo beach getaway or traveling to a destination wedding for your bestie, your savings usually suffers. I mean, let's face it: You have to pay for transportation, a hotel room, food, drinks, and souvenirs (OK, maybe not souvenirs) — and those expenses add up quick. Thankfully, wants to help travelers save their money by giving away thousands of dollars toward someone's next getaway. The company is holding a contest on Twitter to determine who wins the money, and it's easy to enter. If you're intrigued, I'll show you how to get a $2,500 gift card with a simple tweet.

When you think about it, $2,500 can cover a big chunk of your travel expenses — and when created the contest, they geared it toward weddings. Whether you're attending someone's big day or standing at the alter, weddings are freaking expensive. Therefore, the company wanted to give the money to someone who could use the extra help. However, isn't making the winner spend their cash on a #WeddingSeason trip — so don't worry if you don't have any coming up. According to a press release, the lucky traveler who gets the gift card can use the money on a trip of their choice.

Now that you know about the contest's mission, the rules will make a little bit more sense. In order to enter, you'll have to tweet to about the most unique thing you've ever seen at a wedding, and include the hashtag #ChaplainObvious. That's literally it. You have until Aug. 28 to tweet, so start thinking about all of the weddings you've ever attended. Once you tell the company about your experience, you'll automatically have the chance to win a $2,500 gift card.

I know, you're probably asking yourself, "Who the heck is Chaplain Obvious?" He's basically's first brand icon that's legally able to officiate weddings. The company created him to give matrimony a fun twist, and he did exactly that at this wedding between Michael and Melissa Nelson.

Again, if you aren't getting married or attending a wedding, feel free to use the gift card on a different trip. But if you do have someone's big day coming up, then go ahead and use it on that.

Katie Junod, general manager for in North America, talked about the contest in a press release. She said,

Weddings are a big deal, and people want to celebrate with their friends, but are challenged with how to make it work within their budget and other commitments. We want to make this wedding season as accessible as possible for everyone — bride, groom or goer — and prove along the way that you never have to sacrifice the chance to ‘do you’ at every turn.

Regardless of how you use the $2,500, it'll definitely come in handy. If you haven't already done so, start thinking about the most unique thing you've ever seen at a wedding. Once you tweet about it (and use the #ChaplainObvious hashtag), you'll have the chance to win money toward your next trip.