Find your quarantine vibe, thanks to this viral tweet.

People Are Finding Out Their Quarantine Vibes, & Some Are Creepily Spot-On

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With social distancing in full effect, the internet is jumping on a new challenge to make everyone's self-quarantine a little more entertaining. Twitter user Nicole Siegel took to the social media platform on Wednesday, March 25, to give people the ideal formula to share exactly how they're dealing with staying at home — and the results are hilarious. Here's how to find your quarantine vibe with this fail-proof formula.

Siegel, who is a senior education communications manager at Third Way Education, a public policy think tank, gave Twitter users the perfect excuse to lean into some pop culture nostalgia by challenging them to find and share their "quarantine vibe." Considering both government and health officials recommend social distancing measures stay in place for the foreseeable future, it's no secret people are feeling some type of way about being stuck in their homes with lots of extra time on their hands. Thankfully, Siegel's challenge is the perfect way to have a little fun with something not related to the pandemic at hand. (Everyone could use a little break, right?) It's just an added bonus that you don't have to worry about busting out some push-ups or TikTok-worthy dance moves to get in on this latest viral challenge.

"Your quarantine vibe is the tagline from the highest grossing movie the week you were born," Siegel challenged her fellow Twitter users. "GO."

To find this information, simply type in "highest grossing movies" of the year and month that you were born. It'll likely take you to a Wikipedia page of all the highest-grossing movies from that year. From there, you can scroll until you find the week of your birthday. You'll then type in the title of the movie in IMDb (in my case, I searched White Men Can't Jump from April 1992). At the top, you'll click "More" and then head to "Summary." From there, click "taglines" and then voila, you'll see one or more catchphrases you can share as your quarantine vibe. It's up for debate if they'll make any sense for the situation (mine were "Get ready for Hustley," and "It ain't easy being this good."), but they're pretty much guaranteed to make you smile — whether they're creepily spot-on or way off the mark.

It's so easy to get in on the fun, so take a walk down memory lane and share your own take on this challenge.

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