This Crumbs & Whiskers Giveaway Could Have You Cuddling With Kittens

Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers

Thursday, Aug. 8 marks a very important holiday both in the United States and globally — International Cat Day. This sweet holiday that celebrates the fluffy felines of the world just got a little sweeter with a special giveaway from cat cafe Crumbs & Whiskers. Here's how to enter Crumbs & Whispers' International Cat Day International Cat Day 2019 giveaway to play with kittens and celebrate in the furriest way possible.

Crumbs & Whiskers is celebrating International Cat Day 2019 by offering cat-lovers and a plus-one a free visit to one of Crumbs & Whiskers' locations in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, California. Specifically, 10 winners will be randomly selected for a free 30-minute kitten lounge experiences, five for the D.C. location and five for the LA location. To enter, you can simply go to the giveaway website. you must be a U.S. resident who is 18 years or older, and you must provide your email and your preferred cat cafe location. It's that easy! The sweepstakes are open from Aug. 8 through Aug. 31 at 11:59 p.m. PT, meaning you can enter on International Cat Day, but you also have the rest of the month to get your entry in. The winners will be selected in a random drawing and notified via the email they provided during sign-up about a week after the drawing.

Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers

So, what do winners of the giveaway receive? The Crumbs & Whiskers website promises that winners and their plus-ones can "escape the real world for a moment to drink coffee, cuddle kittens, and if you fall in love, adopt!" It's worth noting that both the D.C. location and the LA locations have slightly different experiences.

In D.C.'s Crumbs & Whisker's cat cafe, people can walk in to a 70 minute cat cafe experience experience, which includes food and drink services, for a minimum of $22. If guests want something shorter and more affordable, they can also pop in for a 15-minute walk-in that costs $9. Guests can also choose from multiple cat cafe experiences like: the 70-minute basic cat cafe experience where visitors sip drinks and cuddle with cats, the 60-minute cat yoga experience followed by 30-minutes of cool-down cuddles, or the co-working with cats experience where you can get your work done but also hang with cats all afternoon. If you fall in love with a cat in D.C.'s cat cafe, you can adopt and take the experience home with you.

Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers

Los Angeles' Crumbs & Whiskers cafe is actually called the kitten lounge and is filled with tiny, adorable rescue kittens looking for their forever homes. The website suggests all the ways you can interact with the kittens in the kitten lounge: "You can play with them, cuddle with them, nap with them, do a photoshoot with them, and if you fall in love, adopt them!" The LA Crumbs & Whiskers also offers a few different kinds of experiences like the 30-minute kitten experience with food and drink service, the 70-minute kitten extravaganza filled with kitten cuddles and photoshoots, and the 60-minute kitten yoga.

I don't know about you, but I'm putting in my entry ASAP to meet some cute cats and forget about all the stressors of the world for just a second.