Here's how to do Instagram's "post a picture of" challenge for a new year-end review.

Here's How You Can Get In On All The "Post A Pic" IG Fun To Close Out 2020

by Daffany Chan
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If you've been scrolling through Instagram over the holidays, you've probably seen the "post a picture of" challenge that's been making rounds. The trend has people asking their followers to share photos of something they'd like to see, from embarrassing moments to hilarious throwbacks to personal highlights. If you'd like to get in on the fun and start sharing some snaps to close out 2020, here's how to do Instagram's "post a picture of" challenge.

It seems like everyone's been forgoing the usual Top Nine for the "post a picture" of challenge on IG, whether it's your friends and family or your favorite celebrities. After all, the trend, which started to pop around Dec. 23, is a great way to engage with your followers and share something personal using your photos. With the new year just around the corner, you can use the challenge to give your IG crew a snapshot of what 2020 looked like for you.

It's really up to you how you respond to a prompt — people have been sharing everything from funny snaps to important milestones, so feel free to get creative. To get started, here's how you take part in the "post a picture of" trend on IG.

1. Create a Story.

First things first, open up IG and then tap "Your Story" in the upper left-hand corner. You'll then need to either take or select a photo from your camera roll.

2. Ask a question.

Once you've got your photo set, you'll want to select the icon that looks like a square smiley face in the upper right-hand corner in order to open up your stickers. Next, choose the "Questions" sticker at the top.


It'll open up a text field that says "Ask me a question" by default, so you'll want to change this to "Post a picture of..." in order to prompt your followers to submit their photo wishes.


3. Find the responses.

After you've posted the Story, you'll probably need to wait a little while until your followers respond with the photos they'd like to see. To find them, go to your Story with the question, and tap the bottom left corner, where it says, "Seen by." There, you'll find the responses, and you can tap "See all" to take a look at all the prompts from your friends.

4. Share your pictures.

To respond and share the pictures, you can tap on the response, and then choose the middle option "Share Response," which will let you share their answer to your Story. (You can also DM them if you don't want it on your Story.) On your Story, though, you can choose a photo from your camera roll that matches the response, whether it's your dog or the last place you vacationed before #quar.

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Once you know where to find the Questions sticker, it's super simple, so get to asking your IG followers what the want — and then start digging for all the best throwback content you can find.