Schitt's Creek, Moira's Surprise Party
Here's How To Celebrate NYE ‘Schitt’s Creek’-Style & Have "Simply The Best" Time


Alexis and David Rose have made 2020 way more exciting. The award-winning Netflix series has made its way into your bestie group chats through GIFs, and also into your heart through catch phrases and iconic sweaters. So, you should know how to celebrate New Year's Eve 2020, Schitt's Creek-style, and bid the year farewell surrounded by cheese that's been folded in and all kinds of apothecary goods.

Not to mention, your year has probably taken some unexpected turns, which is something the Rose family understands well. At one point, they were on top of the world and buying the town they now live in as a total joke. But now, they're hunkered down in Schitt's Creek with little riches, learning how to navigate their new norm. They may be celebrating the incoming year by laying low with a Tamagotchi, singing Beyoncé's greatest hits, or making sarcastic jokes. (It really depends on which character we're talking about, you know?)

Take a note out of the Rose family's playbook, and dress up your home with balloons that say, "Ew, 2020," or sip champagne out of a mug that knows this year has been the Schittiest yet. Here's exactly how to celebrate NYE Schitt's Creek-style, and have "simply the best" time.

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Wear A Headband That Says "Ew, 2020"

Start your New Year's Eve off by dressing up like Alexis Rose. In her fashion, wear this bold headband that says, "Ew, 2020" ($13, Etsy), and you will certainly turn heads at your virtual gathering. If you want to take this accessory to the next level, pair it with gigantic gold hoops or a printed dress. Take some Insta pics that are just as extra as this iconic character.

Turn Your Room Into The Rosebud Motel

In the past, you may have spent New Year's Eve at a chic hotel in the city where you listened to music and danced the night away. As you ring in 2020, pretend you're staying at the lovely Rosebud Motel from Schitt's Creek, and add this notepad and key tag combo ($13, Etsy) to your nightstand. Film a TikTok of yourself walking into your very own Schitt's-style motel, or trying on avant-garde outfits in your mirror as if you're Moira Rose. Don't forget a wig.

Sport A Tee With David Rose On It

2021 is almost here, and most of us are wondering how we're back to celebrating New Year's Eve already. This tee ($25, Etsy) that has David Rose on the front of it says it perfectly: "Oh, Schitt! It's New Year's Eve." Wear it while enjoying champagne, hanging up a disco ball, or treating yourself to self-care at home.

Doodle Important Dates Into A 2021 Calendar

Let's be honest: You're very much looking forward to next year and the excitement it may hold. So, spend your NYE entering important dates into this 2021 Schitt's Creek calender ($29, Etsy). Each month comes with a new quote from the characters you so adore. You'll flip each page and laugh, while marking down birthdays, anniversaries, and days off that you'll likely spend in front of the TV rewatching your fave show.

Make A Snack On A Monogrammed Cheese Board

No celebration is complete without snacks. But, if you want to celebrate Schitt's Creek-style, fold the cheese into your holiday plans with this monogrammed cheese board ($50, Williams Sonoma). You know it's the luxurious item Alexis would have in her kitchen, and it boasts plenty of space for gouda, brie, and cheddar galore.

Organize Your Products In An Apothecary Pouch

Getting organized before the new year begins is a total must. Spend your night thoughtfully placing your favorite products into a Rose Apothecary pouch ($13, Redbubble). That way, after watching Schitt's Creek on a chilly winter night, you can go to your bathroom and easily find your soaps, sprays, and even your Alexis-style headbands.