Here's how to apply to be on 'Love Is Blind' Season 2, because they're getting ready to cast.

‘Love Is Blind’ Is Casting For Season 2 Right Now & You Can Apply Online


The Netflix reality show Love Is Blind is coming back for a second season. If you watched the drama go down on Season 1 and have dreamed about auditioning for the reality dating show, here's your chance. The Netflix show is now accepting applications, so here's how to apply to be on Love Is Blind Season 2.

The experimental dating show is looking for new contestants who are ready to try their hand at finding love without actually seeing the people they're dating. The show's format takes a group of men and women who are searching for their soulmate and asks the question, "Is love blind?" Of course, it's a difficult question to answer, but it's certainly interesting to see couples fall in love before meeting each other in person or even seeing what they look like. If you've watched the show, you know that at the end of the season, couples are asked to either split up or marry, so there's a lot at stake for contestants.

While Season 1 cast out of Atlanta, Georgia, Season 2 is set to cast out of Chicago, Illinois. For those who want to apply for a chance to be on Season 2, here’s how to do it. First, you’ll need to go to the Love Is Blind casting site. Once you’re there, the website asks you to verify your birth date, as you need to be 21 or older to go on the show. The biggest prerequisite is that you genuinely want a major commitment.

On the next page, you'll fill out a form that asks your name, age, where you live, some physical characteristics, and general questions about yourself. You'll also have to upload a face photo and a body shot, as well as answer some pretty personal questions that apply to your previous dating experiences and your goals.

It looks like the application for Season 2 is also asking people who apply to answer a question concerning their sexuality, with the option to answer Straight, Gay, Bisexual, or Other. If you watched Season 1, you'll remember that contestants Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton experienced a pretty serious problem when Morton neglected to tell Jack that he was bisexual. He waited until after their engagement, which caused a big fight and a headache that could've been avoided if he'd said so earlier on. Whether or not this means that the showrunners will try to prevent a situation like the Jack and Morton one from happening again is unclear.


Some of the other questions include what you look for in a mate, what your deal breakers are, if you're open to someone who has kids, and which physical traits you like or dislike. You'll probably need to have a valid passport prior to filming and participants must commit to three weeks of production, which means you'll need to take time off of work and put other responsibilities on hold.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the series creator, Chris Coelen, said that he's uncertain when the series will begin the casting process following the application period, or when filming will begin. Coelen remarked that Season 1 initially cast 40 people to begin the elimination process prior to filming and they will likely follow the same process this time around, too.

If you want to apply to be on Love Is Blind Season 2, visit the official casting website. In the meantime, you can watch Season 1 of the show on Netflix and keep up with the lucky couples who found love.