Here's how to make custom playlist images on Spotify to send to your BFFs.

Personalize Custom Spotify Playlists Using Your Own Pics Right On Your App

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Courtesy of Spotify

Spotify is giving an early gift for fans this year with a brand new app feature that lets you personalize playlists with an image of your choice. The ability to customize your playlist cover isn't totally new if you've used the desktop version, but now you can do it straight in the app with a few quick taps. To make a playlist even more personalized, here’s how to make custom playlist images on your Spotify app.

As of Tuesday, Dec. 8, Spotify is letting users to change the image on their playlists right from the app. It's been a long time coming, since the customized playlist image feature first launched for desktop users in 2012, according to a Spotify rep. The new app feature works for anyone with a Spotify account, even if you’re not a Spotify Premium member. All you need is your Android or iPhone (and of course the Spotify app downloaded on it) to start — and it's so simple to make every detail of a playlist your own.

Here’s How To Make Custom Playlist Images On Spotify:

  1. Open the Spotify app and choose a playlist you’ve already created. If you’re making a new one and haven't made a playlist on Spotify before, you'll tap Your Library > Music > Playlists and tap the “Create playlist” button at the top of the list.
  2. When you make a new playlist, you’ll enter a name on the first page or tap “Skip” to do it later.
  3. Once you’ve got your playlist ready, tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner and select “Edit playlist” from the options.
  4. Next, tap “Change image” and select a phone from your phone’s library or take a new picture.
  5. If you’re changing the title or description, do that next and then tap “Done” to save.

If you don't see the custom photo feature for your playlists in your Spotify app yet, it's likely because it's still rolling out to Spotify users nationwide. You should find it in your app within the next few weeks as it continues to roll out.

If you still haven't checked your Spotify 2020 Wrapped results, the end-of-year summary became available on Dec. 2, and also has some new insights, like "Top Percent of Listeners" for your Top Artist, so you can see if you're a true stan. Check it out by by searching "2020 Wrapped" in the search bar in the app.

And then once your Wrapped playlist inspires you to make even more personalized playlists, you'll be all set with custom images now, too. Listening to your fave Beyoncé jams is great, but it might be even greater with a photo of your pup as the cover, just sayin'.

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