Here’s Everything You Need To Bring To Survive Your First Music Festival

The sun streaming down, catchy tunes floating through the hazy air, temporary tats covering every inch of your arms — it's pretty much impossible to forget your first music festival experience. Whether you're a fan of country western, electronic, or bubblegum pop, there's a fest for every type of music lover out there. And spoiler alert: Once you've been to one, you'll be ready to take on pretty much any festival.

But let's go back to basics for a second — what if you've never been to a festival and just want to dip your toe in the pool for the first time?

That's where we come in — it's our belief that the key to having the best fest ever lies in the preparation stage. Think of it like packing for a vacation — in order to live it up at the festival, you need to come prepared by packing all the right stuff before the festival. And whether you're on a European trip or at an outdoor concert, getting caught off guard without necessities is the quickest way to ruin a good time.

So for all the newbies out there, we teamed up with the makers of 5-hour™ TEA shots to bring you the ultimate guide to packing a bag that'll help you totally slay your first music festival.

Read on and start planning your next adventure.

1. Sun protection


This one should be a no brainer, but it's also easy to forget if the forecast doesn't call for sunny skies. Even if clouds are predicted, packing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat is a smart move when you're planning on spending an entire day with no shade in sight.

2. Food

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

We know, we know: They sell stuff there. But popular vendors and specialty food trucks can also mean long lines and premium prices. So pack a backup granola bar or two for when your hunger gets the best of you — your stomach will be forever grateful.

3. An energy boost


All that dancing, socializing, and standing under the hot sun will certainly take it out of you. So what's the secret to making it through a full day (or multiple!) of these festivities? Answer: Packing something to help you feel energized and alert in those moments when you're ready for a nap. Our festival favorites are 5-hour™ TEA shots, which perk you up AND taste delicious.

4. Emergency rain gear

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Nothing spoils a set by your favorite band faster than having to watch it while getting totally drenched by an unexpected downpour. Set yourself up for success by packing a poncho and a plastic bag for your phone, no matter what the weatherman says. This is the ultimate "better safe than sorry" situation!

5. Ear plugs


This one might seem contradictory, but trust us — the music at these events is PLENTY loud to be heard perfectly through some little protective plugs. Unless you're a fan of temporary hearing loss and ringing ears for days to come, do yourself a favor and pack a pair of these bad boys.

6. A phone charger

Leszek Glasner/Shutterstock

This one needs no explanation. Just pack it.

This post is sponsored by the makers of 5-hour™ TEA.