If You Want More Tinder Matches, This Is The Best Time Of Day To Swipe

by Candice Jalili

With the rise of dating apps, you would think that getting dates would be easier than ever. And, to be fair, I've spent the large majority of my life in the dating app age so I can't really speak to how difficult it was to snag a date before they existed. But I must say, I still don't think getting a date is that easy. It's not like you open your Tinder profile and — boom — you automatically get eight dates lined up. Using dating apps to actually get dates takes work and knowing the best time to swipe on Tinder is a good start.

But how the eff are you supposed to know that?! Well, I'm here to help. And I've got some real bona fide stats to back me up. In their first ever "Year In Swipe," Tinder has decided to look into all of the many habits of its users. Throughout its research, they were able to find some interesting trends. Like, for example, the most popular time, day, and month to log into the app.

Are you ready for this? OK, I'll stop teasing you. According to the findings of the "Year In Swipe," the most popular day of the week to swipe is... drum roll please... Monday. Yes, that's right. Your least favorite day of the week also happens to be the day most likely to land you a date. Ah, maybe Mondays aren't so bad after all. For those of you looking for even more detail on when to plan your Monday swipe-fest, Tinder also found out the best time to log on: 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT.

All right, people. Now you have something extra to do while you're watching reruns of The Office on your couch next Monday night. And it's an activity that might find you love!

Oh, and, if you really want to up your odds of getting a match, make sure to swipe in August. According to their findings, the people over at Tinder have found that August is the most popular month of the year for users to log on.

Days associated with certain events also happen to gain more traction on the apps than others. For example, in 2018, Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 4) got more user activity on the app than every other holiday or significant day of the year. In second and third place respectively were music festivals, Bonnaroo (Jun. 7 - 10) and Coachella (Apr. 13 - 22). Oh, and Meghan and Harry's nuptials must have been getting people in a romantic mood, because their wedding day was the fourth most active holiday (May 9) for Tinder users.

OK, now you officially know everything and anything there is to know about the best time to snag a date on Tinder. Of course, you're still welcome to log on whenever you so please and you still have a great chance of snagging yourself a date! But, if you're really on there determined to line up a date, now you know exactly when to log on to make it happen.

Time for you to go crush the dating scene.