Hemp-Infused Cocktails Are Here To Put A Fun Twist On Happy Hour

Courtesy of Hemptails

Instead of sticking with your go-to wine bottle or favorite six-pack of beer this weekend, why not try something different? Better yet, why not try a hemp-infused cocktail? Yes, hemp-infused cocktails exist — and you can buy 'em in cans. In fact, hemp-infused cocktails called "Hemptails" are here, and they'll add a different taste to your happy hour. I'll get one thing out of the way before I get into detail about them, though: Hemptails don't include CBD or THC, but they are made with organic hemp seeds.

Hemptails, which were officially unveiled in February 2019, are hemp-infused malt beverages launched by FIFCO USA. Since there are no psychoactive ingredients involved, they won't make you feel high. However, they do have a high ABV of 8 percent. With that being said, you should definitely drink them responsibly.

In addition to Hemptails' high alcohol percentage, they come in unique flavors that are much different than your go-to cocktail choices. Those flavors include Passionfruit Express, Hemp'd, and Citrus Gold. Each option features the taste or smell of hemp along with fruity assets (depending on the flavor), so you'll get the best of both worlds.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty stoked for Passionfruit Express. They all sound delicious, though.

Courtesy of Hemptails

Jennifer McCauley, the brand manager for Hemptails, talked about the new drinks in a press release: "Hemp is an amazing, versatile plant and by introducing it into the FMB space, we’ve created an entirely new drinking experience," she said. "Hemptails allows consumers to enjoy hemp in a completely different and exciting way."

If you're hoping to grab a few cans of Hemptails for your weekend gathering, it probably won't be hard to do (if you're 21 years old, of course). Per Hemptails, the canned beverages are currently available nationwide in single 23.5-ounce cans and four-packs of 16-ounce cans. (FYI, the four-packs are not sampler packs and include just one flavor) Thankfully, the company's website provides easy steps about how to find Hemptails near you.

In order to find them, head to the company's main web page. Once you're there, locate the search box at the upper righthand corner of the screen and enter your zip code. After that, hit "FIND," and you'll be taken to a page with a virtual map of your area. At that moment, you can select which flavor you're trying to locate, enter your city information, and choose how far you're willing to travel for the drinks. When you're done filling that information out, hit "SEARCH" and wait for nearby stores to populate on your screen.

Courtesy of Hemptails

That's not the only way you can find the location of each flavor. To try another method, you can head back to Hemptails' home page and scroll down until you see a list of the flavors. Underneath each option, you'll be able to click on a "FIND" button that'll bring you back to the same virtual map.

Now that you know where to buy Hemptails, you can go ahead and stock up for the weekend. Who knows, maybe they'll be your new favorite happy hour cocktails.