Hello Kitty Food At Universal Studios Is Here & It's (Almost) Too Cute To Eat

If you're thinking about visiting a theme park this summer, you might want to say, "hello" to Universal Studios. Not only do both the Hollywood and Orlando locations have the epic Wizarding World of Harry Potter — which is a must-see for all — but a cute little feline you may know, Hello Kitty, has now arrived at Universal as well. That's right — the adorable Sanrio character we all know and love has now found a new home at the Animation Studio Store in Hollywood, which means Hello Kitty food at Universal Studios is here, and you just have to check it out.

By the cuteness factor alone, I was immediately intrigued and had to make my way over to the theme park to check it out for myself. The store is absolutely adorable with the famed kitten everywhere. After you purchase some cute Hello Kitty merchandise, like shirts and mugs which are exclusive to the park, don't forget to snap a pic for the 'Gram. The store even features a make-your-own Hello Kitty ear station, where you can customize your own sparkly bow on some cat ears.

Rachel Chapman

Everything at the store is extra adorable, but you'll be eyeing the treats. All of the food is adorned with a signature red bow, and not only is Hello Kitty featured, but there are Chococat and Keroppi treats as well. Everything is almost too cute to eat. Don't believe me? Check out these eight desserts to see for yourself.

These Hello Kitty S'mores Are Too Sweet For Words
Rachel Chapman

Who could say no to a treat this cute? Out of everything offered, the character s'mores were probably my favorite. The Hello Kitty s'more is graham cracker and marshmallow covered in a white chocolate, and decorated to look like our favorite cat. This treat is a foodie's dream come true for the perfect pic for the 'Gram.

These Chococat S'mores Are Absolutely Purr-fect
Rachel Chapman

If you're looking for s'more s'mores, you're in the right place. In addition to the adorable Hello Kitty s'mores, you can score a chocolate version of the treat, decorated like Chococat. If you're not a big white chocolate fan, I suggest you go with this one for a traditional campfire s'mores taste.

Your Tastebuds Will Fall In Love With This Keroppi S'more
Rachel Chapman

I just couldn't say "no" to the Keroppi s'more, so I had to test it out. The delicious treat is covered in a green white chocolate made to look like the adorable frog character. The bright green made this treat stand out among the rest, and will bring lots of color to your 'Gram.

Fun Fudge Topped With A Bow
Rachel Chapman

The fudge was the first thing I saw displayed, with its bright colors and cute white chocolate red bows on each piece. You're sure to find a flavor you like out of the delicious variety to choose from, like chocolate peanut butter, cookie dough, red velvet, and orange vanilla dream. Each character also has a pick of their favorite like Keroppi's chocolate mint, My Melody's cherry almond, Badtz-Maru's rocky road, and Hello Kitty's strawberry with rainbow confetti. You'll want to get them all, and quite honestly, you should!

Striped White Chocolate Candy Apple, Because An Apple A Day...
Rachel Chapman

You just can't have theme park food without candy apples, and Hello Kitty does not disappoint. Every apple has that cute chocolate bow, as well as some other decorations. For the white chocolate fans, this striped candy apple is the one you'll want. The red and blue sugar looks just like sparkles, so you'll need to get your pic in the California sun.

This Milk Chocolate Sprinkles Candy Apple Is Extra Colorful
Rachel Chapman

I'm more of a milk chocolate girl, so this candy apple caught my eye. It's also probably the most colorful of the candy apples if you want to sprinkle your Instagram with some red, yellow, and blue. I would snap a pic of this one in front of the Hello Kitty cutout entryway of the store for the best background.

These Chocolate Candy Apples Are Super Flavorful
Rachel Chapman

If you're more into the flavors than the colors, the last two candy apples available are the ones for you. There's a cookies and cream apple with white chocolate and cookie pieces surrounding it, in addition to a chocolate chocolate chip apple with milk chocolate and covered with — you guessed it — chocolate chips. These Hello Kitty treats will really be the apple of your eye.

These Hello Kitty Cupcakes Will Make You Swoon
Rachel Chapman

Everyone loves a good cupcake, and these treats come in all of the traditional flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet. There's sure to be a cupcake that'll bake you fall in love. This's also the perfect treat to get if you're looking for something with Hello Kitty on it, because it comes with a white chocolate decoration of the cute character.