Regina King as Angela Abar in HBO's Watchmen

You Can Officially Fuel Your 'Watchmen' Theories At HBO's Peteypedia

by Ani Bundel

HBO's Watchmen has been the cable channel's first big hit since Game of Thrones ended back in May of 2019. The show isn't a direct adaptation of the original Alan Moore and David Gibbon comic, but a reimagining of that world 30 years on – but there's one issue viewers have complained about. For those who have read or know the story, it's easy to follow; however, those who don't feel lost. But it seems the production knew this would happen, because now there's HBO's Peteypedia, here to explain plot points and fuel theories.

The website launched just after the show's premiere, bringing four case files of PDFs for fans to peruse. The first memo is "The Computer & You." It purports to be a brief issued by the FBI explaining to employees about the brand new computer technology introduced to their offices across the country. In truth, it's an explanation for those asking why technology is so shockingly backward in 2019, with no cell phones, no email, and no internet.

This first file also includes:

  • A short missives on "Trust In The Law," the movie shown in the premiere's cold open.
  • An article clipping which declares Adrian Veidt dead
  • A second memo expounding on this decision to declare him dead, and how it could blow up in the FBI's face if Veidt turns out to be alive.

The revelation at the end of Episode 3 that Veidt is indeed alive suddenly puts these last two files in a different light. These aren't just useful backstory to fill in the gaps for the uninitiated. These also may be clues about which plot points viewers should be giving a second look.

Here's a look at some of the subjects these files have covered so far.

Episode 2's file has

Meanwhile, Episode 3's file also has a memo on Watchmen's version of AHS, this time a review of it. These multiple pieces on the TV show suggest it may be more important than fans realize.

There's also:

On the surface, that last entry seems a little random. But at the wake and the funeral, Senator Keene implied he didn't know Crawford well. That's very odd if their families go back three generations. Is there a reason to hide this relationship?

If that wasn't enough, HBO has also launched a podcast deep-diving into the show. Between this wealth of info, and these pointed background pieces, fans have plenty to fuel as many theories for Watchmen as Game of Thrones once did.