Having An Office Mom At Work Is A One-Of-A-Kind Perk Your Crew's Lucky To Have

You have a work wife and a great office squad, but you're lucky enough to be blessed with an office mom, too. You know exactly who I'm talking about. This is the person in your department who's the mother figure to everyone in your crew. She may be the person who has worked there the longest and looks out for everyone. One thing's for certain: Having an office mom at work is the one-of-a-kind perk that makes your work environment truly special.

Each week, you're spending hours and hours with the same people. You might even see your coworkers more than you see your best friends. It's inevitable that they become like a family to you.

I've always found the office mom to be someone who has worked there a while. They might be in a managerial position or higher, and they treat everyone with kindness. Not only are they genuinely nice, but they have your back and look out for you and your team.

Out of all the people I've ever worked with, the office moms are the ones who never failed to make the biggest impact on me. They're just the best, and you know it's because of these eight things that they do for you on the regular.

She Remembers Everyone's Birthday, And Even Brings In The Cake
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You don't know how she does it, but on top of crushing it at her job, the office mom also remembers everyone's birthday. Not only does she make an effort to stop by, make a fuss, and say, "Happy birthday," but she brings in a cake, decorations, and might even give you a little gift or card.

She Always Makes New Coworkers Feel Welcome

Starting a new job can be exciting and stressful at the same time. New people in the office may find themselves a bit overwhelmed with the new responsibilities. They're also trying to remember where the bathroom is and everyone's names. Luckily, the office mom is always the one to stop by and make the new people feel totally welcome.

Her warmth made her your first friend in the office, and the person you went to when you needed to ask — yet again — where that dang conference room is.

Her Door Is Always Open To Talk

The office mom makes you feel so comfortable, and you trust her wholeheartedly. That's why she's the one you go to whenever you need to talk about something. She gives you great personal and work advice, and be the perfect ear when you need to vent.

She Hooks Up The Team With Coffee And Doughnuts For Early Morning Meetings

I think most of us can agree that early morning meetings are literally the worst. The only way they're tolerable is when someone brings in coffee and doughnuts. You have the office mom to thank for all of the sweet goodness.

She Has You Covered When You Forget Something At Home

Some mornings, you might have hit the snooze button one too many times and ended up being late for work. Since it's a scramble to get going in the morning, you forgot something at home, like your phone charger.

That's where your work mom comes in to save the day. She always has a spare charger, nail file, Band-Aid, pair of headphones — you name it — to help in an emergency.

She Always Says "Hi" To Everyone In The Morning
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The office mom makes it a point to be that vibrant ray of sunshine and say "hi" to everyone in the morning. She's the reason why your work environment feels so warm and inviting. You know it's going to be a good day when you see her first thing.

She Asks About Your Weekend

Not only does the office mom care about you at work, but she'll even make an effort to get to know your personal life, because you've become such great friends. She'll ask about your weekend, and actually show interest in the things you do outside of the office.

She's The Office Role Model

The office mom is your office role model. Not only do you respect her work ethic, but you also respect the way she makes everyone in the office feel. It's a tough balance of working hard, getting things done efficiently, and being admired — and she's does it perfectly.

She Supports You To Go After What You Want

You always want to push yourself and reach for the stars at work. That's where your office mom comes in as the best cheerleader and support system ever. She always looks out for you, and has your best interests at heart. She lets you know about promotions, and even helps you come up with a plan to get everything you want out of this job.