8 Things You Can Relate To If You Have The Cool Boss Everyone Wishes They Had

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Even if you've landed your dream job, your boss can really make or break the overall experience for you. A good boss is someone who teaches you new things, pushes you to be even better, and makes going into work on the daily so much fun. You feel #blessed, because that describes your boss to a T. But you don't just have a good boss — you have a cool one, too. Having a cool boss is the difference between work being just a job you go to every day, and instead, a comfortable but also inspiring environment that feels like your home away from home.

You pretty much spend most of your week at work anyway, and your boss really sets the tone for how each day will run. I've had my fair share of good and bad bosses over the years, but it's the cool ones who stick with me forever. A cool boss is not only a role model who teaches you how to be a great leader and mentor, but they also remind you that work can be fun.

When you have a cool boss, you can expect them to do these eight things for you. They really are the difference between pressing that snooze button a few times, and getting out of bed on time and even heading into the office early.

They Motivate You
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You know your boss is beyond cool, because they support you. A cool boss will take the time to actually get to know what your career aspirations are. They'll help you in any way they can to get you to where you want to be.

They Hook The Team Up With Bagels And Coffee For Morning Meetings
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An easy way to my heart is through food. A cool boss is someone who believes in bagel Fridays and doughnuts with coffee during meetings. If it's a meeting during lunch, you know your boss is one step ahead of the game and already ordered pizza.

They Always Remember Everyone's Birthday

You don't even have to remind them. Your boss already has your birthday marked down on their calendar, and planned a special lunch or little party just for you. They know how to make you smile on your special day.

They Genuinely Care About The Hobbies You Do Outside Of Work

Your boss not only asks how your weekend was, but genuinely cares about your response. If you've established a great relationship, they might keep track of the fun hobbies you do outside of the office and show an interest.

They Support Your Ideas
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You know your boss has your back. They genuinely listen to your ideas in meetings, and make sure you get all the credit you deserve. You're never worried to think big and outside the box, because your boss encourages you to take big swings.

They Celebrate All Of Your Small Victories, Too

A good boss might congratulate you when you do something big like an important presentation or project. A cool boss will celebrate all of your wins — including telling you what a great job you did in a brainstorm or pitching ideas in a meeting — and that means so much to you.

They Might Let You Leave A Little Early When The Office Is Slow

Summer Fridays are the greatest when the office is a little quiet, and everything is slow. A cool boss might stop by your desk and let you know you can jet out a little early. They might also be totally chill if you have to work from home, if necessary.

They're Cool With You Taking Much-Deserved Vacation Time
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A cool boss understands that everyone needs a little time off. They make you feel completely comfortable requesting vacation days, and you never feel worried that the office will fall apart when you're out. You can have a stress-free break where you know you're covered, and not constantly checking your email.

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