'Westworld' Fans Definitely Missed This Tiny Detail About Liam & It Has Big Implications

by Ani Bundel

The second episode of Westworld Season 3 left Dolores and the real world behind to spend the entire hour in the park. For fans of the show's former farmgirl turned revolutionary, it's a long wait until her return in Episode 3. Even though the episode didn't have Dolores or her now-ex-boyfriend Liam Dempsey Jr., there was still a big clue dropped about the latter. Bernard looks up those Dolores is targeting, and discovers a fascinating twist. Fans are now wondering, have Dolores and Liam Dempsey Jr. met before? Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 3 follow.

One of the first things viewers couldn't help but notice in the premiere was that Dolores' targets were Delos customers. Her first victim, Jerry, was someone who had raped and murdered her character in the park during his bachelor party. Her second victim, Conells, was also someone she'd met before when he was on "vacation."

But her relationship in the premiere episode with Liam Dempsey seemed to be (as least on his end) rather sincere. Though viewers knew she'd engineered the meeting, and her persona deliberately calibrated to attract him, Liam seemed like a gentle type. Or at least, someone who outsources his violence to men like Conells.

But when Bernard looked up Liam in the Delos user base, he turned up a few interesting facts about the son of Incite's co-founder, Dempsey Sr. For instance, Liam Jr. was a frequent park guest.


Some of the details in Dempsey's profile:

  • Liam Jr. is worth $315 Billion.
  • He's a "Black Hat."
  • Dempsey has been to the park 17 times.
  • His two main parks are Westworld and The Raj.
  • He's played enough scenarios in the park to have reached the "Golden Gunslinger" reward level.

There are tons of red flags here. The show hasn't done a lot with the "Black hat/White hat" designations since Season 1. But everyone remembers enough that being assigned a "white hat" after your personality test shows you to be a person who will do the right thing at heart. Those given Black hats are villains inside.

Moreover, Liam Jr. has been to the park 17 times. He's not that old, maybe in his mid-thirties? If Liam is 34 years old, that means he's gone to the park and played out scenarios every year since turning 17. If he's younger than that, then he's been going more than once a year.

And he does more than the bare minimum. He's played the adventures, as a villain, enough to reach higher levels. He may have favored The Raj over Westworld; the tablet doesn't say. But that's still enough play chances are he at least has seen Dolores the innocent farm girl in town, and regularly.

Does this mean Dolores and Liam met before? Is her targeting of him partly out of revenge, as much as it is to get access to Incite? If so, why didn't he recognize her? Or is there something else going on that viewers are missing?