Harry Styles' 'Rolling Stone' Cover Is So Beautiful, It Hurts

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hail Harry, full of grace. There's a new Rolling Stone cover star in town. Harry Styles' 2019 Rolling Stone cover is going to make all of y'all swoon real quick. Unfortunately, he's not dressed as Prince Eric on the cover. (R.I.P. to those dreams.) But that's OK, because the look of pure joy on his face is enough to make his stans forget about the Prince Eric chaos and move on to whatever Styles is working on next. And trust, he's working this cover.

As you probably expected, Styles' fans are freaking out over this cover. Outside of the picture itself (which is just *chef's kiss*), the tagline reads, "Sex, Psychedelics, and the Secrets of Stardom." Woah! Juicy! Rolling Stone posted the cover to its Instagram late at night on Aug. 19, its caption revealing that the September issue featuring the interview with Styles will be available on Sept. 3. The post's caption, unfortunately, didn't reveal much else but that, so fans are still left wondering what this cover could mean for what's to come with Styles' career.

According to Us Weekly, Styles is reportedly slated to drop a new album sometime this fall. If that report is true, a Rolling Stone cover interview is definitely a good way to build up some PR momentum for the "Sign Of The Times" singer. His self-titled debut solo album was released two years ago in 2017, so it seems about that time for the singer to release some new music.

Whatever this cover means for the future of Harry Styles, his fans are here for it.

Seriously, here for it.

Some are completely shook by the "sex and psychedelics" tagline.

This is definitely boosting the Styles fandom mood following all that The Little Mermaid drama. In July, early reports stated that Styles was reportedly in talks to play Prince Eric opposite Halle Bailey's Ariel in The Little Mermaid live-action remake. A later report in August stated that he had accepted the role and was officially part of the cast (well, it was a tweet from AMC that has since been deleted), but the very next day, that report was debunked, stating that Styles had never accepted the role. In fact, he reportedly "respectfully declined" it.

According to Variety, "initial reports about his casting were premature," but Disney is already on the lookout for a new prince. Fans were, of course, heartbroken about the news that Styles wouldn't be going under the sea. (The tweets about the Little Mermaid ordeal were peak clown Twitter culture.)

But fret not, little Styles stans! This Rolling Stone cover must mean something new is coming from Styles. And if it's not a starring role in a Disney live-action remake, I'd say a new album is definitely a much better option. No poor, unfortunate souls over here!

Sept. 3 is right around the corner, so prepare yourselves for the new era of Harry Styles. I have a feeling that interview is going to reveal a lot.