Hardee's Thanksgiving in a Box test items put a twist on classic dishes.

Hardee's Is Selling Chicken Tenders Coated With Actual Stuffing For Thanksgiving

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Hardee's

Cooking your own Thanksgiving dinner is no small feat, and it might even take you all day to perfectly roast a traditional turkey. One fast food spot has a tasty solution to your holiday meal woes, so you won't have to stress over basting your bird every 15 minutes. Hardee's Thanksgiving in a Box meal is a delicious no-prep holiday dinner that'll remind you of all your favorite traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, the chain known for its All-American menu revealed that it's testing its first-ever seasonal meal: Thanksgiving in a Box. The innovative new meal is a way to spice up the dinner table this year. After all, according to research done by Hardee's, nearly two-thirds of Americans "would switch out the standard turkey" for their holiday feast.

The new test items put a delicious twist on the traditional Thanksgiving meal, and it all comes neatly packed in a box that includes Stuffing Chicken Tenders, which are literally chicken tenders covered in actual sage and herb stuffing; Hardee's Savory Chicken Gravy, for dipping, of course; Sweet Potato Waffles Fries tossed in actual waffle batter; and Toasted Onion Coated Green Beans, which are covered in onion breading and will remind you of your favorite casserole.

Courtesy of Hardee's

Owen Klein, VP Global Culinary Innovation, CKE Restaurants, spoke in the release about why people might enjoy this alternative meal. Klein shared, "Consumers are craving new ways to enjoy the flavors of the season, and Hardee’s Thanksgiving in a Box is the perfect way to break from the same tired take on sweet potatoes and green beans and enjoy Thanksgiving throughout the holiday season.”

If you're sold on this season's ultimate no-prep dinner, you'll have to head to the one location serving the test items. Hardee's says the Thanksgiving in a Box will be available for a limited time at participating Hardee's restaurants in Jacksonville, Florida. From Nov. 13 through Dec. 3, you can score one from a participating location for $6.99 plus tax while supplies last.