Here's How Hannah & Dylan Knew They Were Ready To Buy Their First House

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From Bachelor in Paradise to their own slice of paradise! Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour bought their first house together in San Diego this fall, and as they tell Elite Daily, temporarily living together while quarantining during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic gave them the confidence to take this next step in their relationship. "Quarantine gave us the chance to get a glimpse of what being roommates was like," says Godwin, who previously lived in Los Angeles while Barbour lived two hours south in San Diego. "So, we were like, you know what? Let's do it. It's time. We're ready for that next step."

"If it wasn't for this quarantine year, we probably wouldn't have done it by now, just because we wouldn't have had the time to see how the other person is as a roommate," Barbour adds. "We were so busy back and forth between LA and San Diego. But now, the second it turns 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and Hannah's making cocktails, I'm pretty stoked."

Godwin praises Barbour for being a stellar roommate. "Dyl loves to take the initiative if there's dishes or if there's trash," she says. "I don't really feel like I have to say, 'Hey, go take out the trash, it smells.' He just kind of does it without thinking. He takes the initiative on literally anything, like cooking and cleaning, so it's been good."

The couple attributes their success as roommates to their mutual respect for each other. "It's not my house, it's not Hannah's, it's our living space," Barbour says, adding he balances quality time with Godwin with solo time playing video games and watching 90 Day Fiancé.

Whatever they're doing, it clearly works. "We literally hold hands while we sleep," she says. "Like otters," he adds.

The couple, who got engaged during the Season 6 finale of Bachelor in Paradise in 2019, isn't rushing to the altar. "We're still just kind of waiting to see what the state of the world's going to be before we plan the big day," Godwin explains. "I know as soon as we get a venue, it's going to be go time, but right now, we don't even have that in mind. It's kind of hard to even plan anything that goes along with it."

Instead, they're focused on other projects, like settling into their new house, Godwin's newly launched lifestyle blog, and their partnership with RumHaven, a Caribbean rum with coconut liqueur. "RumHaven was actually one of the first things we unpacked and put on our bar cart. It was kind of like, all right, we're making this place home," Barbour says.

When they're not unpacking or giving bartender Wells Adams a run for his money, they tune into The Bachelorette. Barbour predicts Tayshia Adams will end her season as a single woman — and isn't sure why she sent contestant Spencer Robertson home after initially giving him the First Impression Rose.

"I worked out with Spencer this morning," Barbour says of his fellow Bachelor Nation alum and San Diego resident. "I'm like, how is this guy not married right now? He's the best. He's even more attractive in person."

However this season ends, Godwin and Barbour can watch the finale while cozied up together in their new home.