Here’s How Hannah G. Knew She Was Falling For Dylan On ‘Paradise’

Kwesi Mark

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour didn’t have your typical “boy meets girl” love story. They met on the set of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, and fans of the show will remember that their relationship was anything but certain at first. After a few early bumps in the road, they fell in love, and now they’re happily engaged and planning a future together. Hannah Godwin’s quote about falling for Dylan Barbour sheds new light on the un-televised moment when she knew they had something special.

Elite Daily caught up with Godwin and Barbour on Jan. 2, while they were in New York City working with Vita Coco for National Hangover Day. Godwin shared some behind-the-scenes details about a moment in Paradise viewers didn’t get to see, right after Jordan Kimball asked her out on a date. “I was like, ‘Uhh, OK, it’s Paradise, why not?'" Godwin remembers. “And in that moment, I started crying. I was like, ‘What about Dylan?’”

See, Godwin had hoped to make specific plans with Barbour that day, so she was torn when Kimball asked her out. “Dylan kept saying, ‘All I want to do is boogie board,’ and I was like, ‘Yes, finally the day,’” she explains. So, she decided to trust her gut and tell Kimball she couldn't go out with him in order to stay and boogie board with Barbour. "I think that’s when I was like, ‘OK, I have major feelings for this dude,'" Godwin says. “It was the image of me boogie boarding alone that really won Han over," jokes Barbour. The rest was history.

Since the show ended in September, Godwin has moved from Birmingham, Alabama, to Los Angeles, California, while Barbour lives two hours away in San Diego. This close proximity allows them to hang out at least three days a week, often more depending on their travel schedules — something Godwin says has really helped move their relationship forward. And in case you were wondering, the flirty banter between these two never stops. “I love how Hannah’s super goofy,” Barbour gushes. “I think it’s America’s best-kept secret, and nobody knows. She’s a total weirdo, and it’s awesome.” Godwin replies, “I want to say the same thing about you,” to which Barbour urges, “Talk about my dashing good looks, my great sense of humor.”

Godwin goes on to name a less observable quality — Dylan’s natural selflessness. “He does all of these little things, every single second of every day, where he’s not looking for recognition or anything, but just helping me out or helping somebody else out,” she notes. “He’s extremely selfless, and I didn’t realize how much I was attracted to that until I was with Dylan."

Kwesi Mark

This year, the couple celebrated their first NYE together in NYC, then spent all of Jan. 1 passing out hangover recovery kits with Vita Coco and Postmates. And because celebrities are truly just like us, they are no strangers to their own embarrassing hangover stories. Barbour remembers a trip to Mexico when he was 18 years old. He lost his passport, so he had to fly domestic and have his mom drive to Tijuana to pick him up. “I was super sick in the bathroom the whole time, I had to rip off part of my shirt to use it as a cold rag to put over my face,” he recalls. Godwin recalls a time when she lost her keys and had to break into her own apartment the next day. That said, they appreciate the value of electrolytes after a long night of drinking. “Also rest and funny movies to make you not think about your terrible hangover,” Godwin says. “That helps.”

Like any couple, Godwin and Barbour have their imperfect moments, but they’ve committed to being super honest with each other whenever they disagree. “We say over and over, ‘You have to tell me if I’m doing something that annoys you or that you think I should work on,’” Barbour explains. Godwin adds, “We’re both open to working on whatever it is, just to make things a little bit easier.” Communication is the secret sauce that helps their relationship thrive. “I just want him to feel happy, he wants me to feel happy, and whatever methods to get there, and communicating about it — that’s the trick for us," says Godwin.

As for their future wedding, Barbour and Godwin hinted that they have some surprises in the works, but nothing concrete yet. “We have some plans that are leading up to it,” Godwin says. In the meantime, here's hoping they continue blessing the world with all their sweetness, and some solid relationship advice to boot.