Hannah B. Threw The Best Shade At Jed & Tyler C., & I’m So Here For It

by Korey Lane
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hannah Brown has had more ups and downs this summer than a roller coaster at Six Flags. From getting engaged, to breaking it off, to having to see her crush go on several dates with a world-wide celebrity, it's safe to say she's had a lot going on. Thankfully, it seems like she's ready to laugh it all off. Hannah B.’s joke about Jed and Tyler C. in Cosmopolitan proves that the 24-year-old can laugh at herself, and might just be ready to move on with her life once and for all.

Hannah appeared on a fun game of "Expensive Taste Test" with Cosmopolitan, where she was given both affordable and bougie versions of everything from water to Champagne to lipstick. The gist was that she had to decipher which one was which. While her hilarious way of deciding is definitely worth a watch, Hannah also threw some pretty amazing shade at both of her exes in the video.

"I'm just gonna keep drinking," she joked while sipping Champagne. "Do y'all remember that one time I was engaged?" she said, smiling, after taking a sip. "Do y'all remember that one time I got unengaged? Do you remember that one time I then asked another person out on a date on national television after I got unengaged, and then — just read tabloids," she said, still smiling. Oh Hannah, how could I forget?

The former Alabama pageant queen is clearly referring to her engagement to singer-songwriter Jed Wyatt on The Bachelorette. After filming wrapped and Hannah and Jed were engaged, Jed's ex girlfriend Haley Stevens spoke to People magazine and said Jed was actually still in a relationship with her when he went on the show and got engaged to Hannah. The entire revelation was pretty nasty, and motivated Hannah to break up with Jed. The breakup (where he admitted everything) was filmed and aired on The Bachelorette's "After The Final Rose" special.

After confronting Jed for the first time after the breakup on "After The Final Rose" on July 30, Hannah confirmed they were still off, but revealed she still had residual feelings for her runner-up, Tyler Cameron. When he came out on stage, she made the ballsy move to ask him out for drinks, to which he enthusiastically said yes. On Aug. 2, he was photographed leaving Hannah's L.A. apartment in the wee hours of the morning. Spicy.

Fast forward to Aug. 4 (two days later!), and Tyler C. is photographed out on a date with supermodel Gigi Hadid at Soho House in Brooklyn, New York, after the two followed each other on Instagram in late July. They've been photographed together multiple times following their reported first date, and it seems to be getting pretty serious. They were spotted in Lake George with a group of friends, and reports surfaced that Hadid had reportedly even introduced Tyler C. to her mom, Yolanda Hadid. Tyler C. was also reportedly Hadid's date to the MTV Video Music Awards after party. If you're not keeping track, this has all gone down in the span of one month. Needless to say, it's been a busy summer for everyone involved.

On Aug. 5, Hannah opened up to Entertainment Tonight to explain that she was fine with having seen Tyler C. on a date with Hadid. "I have feelings, but I’m also single and he’s single and I wanna keep my options open and he can keep his options open," she said. Well, it seems like that's exactly what he's been up to. For now, Hannah is set to appear on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars, which premieres Sept. 16 on ABC. And as for Hannah's dating life? "I need to get a dating app right now because I am a hot commodity," she told Cosmopolitan. Girl, get yours.