Hannah B.'s 'GMA' Appearance As The New Bachelorette Is Awkwardly Adorable

ABC/John Fleenor

Ready or not, Hannah Brown has officially kicked off her stint as America's new Bachelorette. Just two days after she was announced as the latest leading lady on The Bachelor's "After the Final Rose" special, the former Miss Alabama appeared on Good Morning America to share more thoughts ahead of meeting all of her contestants for the first time. Hannah B.'s GMA appearance as the new Bachelorette is as awkwardly adorable as you'd expect, but this girl is determined to find love.

After keeping her chin up during her Bachelor elimination and delivering a fierce redemption toast at "Women Tell All," Hannah B. became a fan favorite for her honest vulnerability and quirky personality. The start of her time on Colton Underwood's season was a little rough, as she dealt with the insecurity of seeing her former pageant rival Caelynn receive a lot of attention from the Bachelor. The two women were never specific about what caused their past beef, but they reconciled halfway through the season and stuck to that stance at "Women Tell All."

She was part of one of the season's few "women supporting women" moments, but as the Bachelorette, Hannah is on her own when it comes to dealing with drama. Her first experience in handling the public eye and the press alone came during her pre-taped GMA appearance on March 14, wrapping up the show's series of Bachelor-related interviews this week. Anchors previously spoke live with host Chris Harrison one day and Colton and his Final Rose pick Cassie Randolph on another. Unlike those talks, Hannah's interview was taped immediately after she met five of her contestants at "After the Final Rose."

She received flak for coming across as nervous and lost for words during "After the Final Rose," but based on this GMA interview, the girl can definitely deliver with public speaking when it's necessary. Plus, when was the last time we had a Bachelorette with an awkward side that's super relatable?

Speaking to GMA's Abbie Boudreau on the "After the Final Rose" set, Hannah said about her Bachelorette journey, "I think love is supposed to be fun, and so I want fun and I want adventures. I don't know where I'm going yet, so I love surprises."

While most new Bachelorettes probably aren't accustomed to media appearances, Hannah does have a slight advantage as an experienced pageant contestant. Judging by this GMA spot, handling a journalist one-on-one seems to be more her style than talking to Chris Harrison with a live studio audience hanging onto every word. She was also a tad nervous when meeting a handful of her season's men, admitting to GMA that handing out her first rose to rapping contestant Cam "went OK."

"It was my first time, it was live, and we just rolled with the punches," the 24-year-old said. "But it was really fun. The guys were super great and it makes me really excited for my first night meeting all the men."

We probably have to brace ourselves for plenty of Roll Tide cheers and beastly growls, but it looks like Hannah's Bachelorette season will be a sunny dose of laughs compared to the last few years in Bachelor Nation. I'm even here for any cringe-worthy moments. Who ever said your journey toward love had to be dramatic and painful? I'm rooting for you, Hannah!

Season 15 of The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, May 13, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.