Hannah B's Quote About Saying Goodbye To Pilot Pete Will Break Your Heart

by Candice Jalili

OK, before we continue, I have to warn you: there are some major spoilers that lie ahead. If you don't want to know, stop reading. Got it? Cool. Now that we're all on the same page here, I'll continue... Here's the deal: Hannah Brown's quote about saying goodbye to Peter Weber is pretty much the saddest thing you've seen since she actually denied him a rose on the penultimate episode of her season that aired July 30. For those of you who missed the memo, Brown had to eliminate Weber, leaving Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt as her top two. Believe it or not, picking between three absolute dreamboats isn't exactly easy.

“I was in love with Peter,” Brown told People on July 30. “I was pulled into different directions every other day. But I had to make a decision. I felt like my heart was broken.”

Looking back, Brown says what she'll miss the most about Weber is how much he loved her. “What I’ll miss most about Peter is his genuine love for me,” she said to People. “The time we had together was real.” Honestly, haven't we all been there? It's hard letting go of someone you know really loved you, especially when you didn't necessarily feel the same way.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In general, Brown admitted to People that she was feeling extremely confused about who really had her heart. “All the drama [amongst the men] put up barriers for me,” Brown told People. “I really did care for these guys, but were [my feelings] strong enough? It was confusing. I was not where I wanted to be.”

Speaking of drama, Brown had some major drama with contestant Luke Parker. Parker and Brown exchanged some words when he asked Brown if she's had sex with anyone else. Well, he didn't just ask her if she's had sex with anyone else. He gave her an ultimatum by saying that he's out if she's had sex with anyone else. "If you told me you’re having sex, or you had sex with one or multiple of these guys, I’d be wanting to go home," he said on the July 15 episode.

Brown was not down for the ultimatum. So much so that she told him, "my husband would never say what you've said to me." And she didn't stop there, she went on to say, "I have had sex and, honestly, Jesus still loves me." Then she walked him to a car saying, “From obviously how you feel, me f*cking in a windmill, you probably wanna leave." This is the first he hears about the whole windmill thing, so he's obviously shocked.

Then in the most epic moment in television history, Brown says to the camera: “I f*cked in a windmill, and guess what? We did it a second time!” Just when you thought things literally couldn't get any more dramatic, Brown and Parker exchanged some more words in a Twitter war when the episode aired on television. Brown's mom even got involved. It was a lot.

Here's to hoping Brown winds up with a drama-free happily-ever-after once her season concludes.