Pilot Who? Madi & Hannah Ann Went On Instagram Live Together & It Was So Cute

Hannah Ann Sluss

Once upon a time, before quarantine and canceled shows, there was a guy named Peter Weber who shook Bachelor Nation like no other. After he proposed to one woman (Hannah Ann Sluss) only to break up with her to go after another contestant (Madison Prewett), it would make sense for there to be some lingering drama. But while some might think the two women would be at odds, Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett's Instagram Live was full of good vibes.

There's often tension between people who share an ex, and after spending a few months literally dating the same guy at the same time, it wouldn't be a shock if Hannah Ann and Madison didn't have the warmest feelings toward each other, especially after how both of their relationships with Peter ended. While Hannah Ann was engaged to Peter, he called things off to pursue Madison. Then, after publicly announcing their fondness for one other on live television, Madison and Peter split. It was reality TV at its finest.

Still, the two women haven't let a little thing like having both their hearts broken by Peter get in the way of their bond. When Madi joined Hannah Ann's IG Live, fans immediately praised the high-road taking queens.


After spending months living together with no phones or internet as distractions, it seems the two women formed a pretty solid friendship, one that's still going strong. In the purest video chat ever, the women talked about their moms' home cooking and that fact that their dads would get along really well. With literally no mention of Peter, Madison and Hannah Ann caught up and did what everyone is doing during quarantine: Literally just talking to pass the time.

In addition to wanting to visit each other and get their families together, the two spoke about how their faith (something they bonded over during filming) is helping them get through this uncertain time.

While no Peter tea was spilled during the virtual get-together, viewers were thrilled to see the former contestants show their loyalty to each other and prove once and for all that girls rule and boys drool. Kidding! But really, friendship over everything, especially in a time when everyone could use extra smiling faces.