Halsey's Reaction To BTS' Jimin Telling Her To Look Him In The Eye Is Hilariously Relatable

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images/Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably well aware that beloved K-pop group BTS recently dropped a music video for their new song "Boy With Luv" from Map of the Soul: Persona. The song and music video are big hits for a variety of reasons, including a special appearance Halsey. Even though fans see a cool, calm, and collected Halsey in front of the camera in the music video, a recent BTS interview revealed that the she may have had a case of the jitters before filming "Boy With Luv," as evidenced by a story told by Jimin. Halsey's reaction to BTS' Jimin telling her to look him in the eye is so adorably relatable — and will make you root for their friendship.

On Friday, April 12, BTS did an interview with SiriusXM in which the boys talked about topics like their album, tattoos, and what it was like meeting and filming with Halsey. During the interview, Jimin told a story revealing that during the filming of the music video, he kept telling Halsey to look at him. RM added to the story, telling the interviewer, "[S]he was never looking at him. She was just looking at the camera." Twitter user @asgurdian posted a 6-second clip of Jimin and RM telling the story to Twitter and Halsey responded to the tweet super adorably, writing, "I WAS NERVOUS !!!!!"

Um, duh. Of course Halsey was nervous around one of the biggest — and quite frankly, hottest — K-pop bands in the world. It would be kind of weird if she weren't. Sometimes I just imagine myself meeting them and get nervous, so I get it, Halsey.

One Twitter user responded to Halsey's tweet about being nervous and asked why the singer was so nervous, since she's friends with BTS. Halsey responded that the nerves didn't come because she was worried about their friendship, but for another reason entirely. She said,

I wasn’t nervous about that! I was nervous cause I’ve never done choreo in a video before! But they were so awesome haha they made me so comfy and gassed me up.

Regardless of her nerves during production, the singer is clearly on top of her choreo and performance game in the music video. Though her appearance and vocals on the video are brief, Halsey absolutely kills it alongside BTS, and that's no small accomplishment.

During the Sirius XM BTS interview, the boys shared a bit more about how this collaboration came to be. RM, who is one of the English-speaking members of the group, shared that the group hit it off with Halsey in 2017 when they met her backstage at the Billboard music awards. Though they had talked about collaborating before, RM said that when they got the track "Boy With Luv," they instantly thought Halsey would be the perfect fit and brought her in. And the rest is history!

Honestly, Jimin's adorable story about Halsey — and Halsey's super relatable reaction — makes me want to go back and rewatch the music video, and if you haven't seen it yet, you should stop everything and watch it, too. I'll just be over here keeping my fingers crossed for another BTS x Halsey collab.