Halsey Said Instagram Filters Are "Dangerous" For This Sad Reason

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In her new Byrdie cover story, Halsey opened up about how social media can set unrealistic beauty standards. Since a lot of celebrities photoshop their posts, fans are led to believe what they see online is the same as real life. However, that's not always the case. Editing software like Photoshop and Facetune have made it easy to change a picture to the user's liking in an instant. Halsey's quotes about why Instagram filters are "dangerous" also bring up a good point. You need to read what the star had to say because she got so personal.

Weeks after launching her beauty brand About-Face on Jan. 25, Halsey got real about times when she feels insecure because of social media. "I’m exhausted with this industry of Instagram filters," she told Byrdie in her Feb. 9 interview. "It’s gotta be damaging to your brain to constantly be looking at yourself through an altered lens and being disappointed with what your face actually looks like."

Halsey admitted that, at the beginning of her career, she would also get insecure when dealing with paparazzi. "When I first started getting publicity of some kind, I would go out and [paparazzi would] take pictures of me. I [couldn't] control the angle. I [couldn't] control the lighting. I [couldn't] control if it [was] my good side or my bad side," she said. "The pictures would come out and I would just have to look at them and go, ‘Okay. That’s what I look like.’ I don’t get to change it. I have to make peace with my face."

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As someone with over 23 million Instagram followers, Halsey knows the impact her posts can have on fans, and that's why she does her best to encourage everyone to just be themselves. Her beauty brand About-Face embraces this same message. "That's what I want About-Face to be: loving and appreciating what you look like," she said about her makeup line. "I want young people to feel like they're brave enough to leave the house with, like, lime green eyeshadow and black lipstick on."

Through the years, Halsey has tried out various hairstyles, lengths, and colors. Most recently, she's been rocking a shaved hair style. "I definitely don't think that my most ‘Hollywood’ look is when I have a bald head, but it's when I feel the most confident," she revealed.

No matter what style she's currently rocking, Halsey always looks beautiful!