Halsey's quotes about endometriosis show why she feels blessed.

Halsey Once Worried She Wouldn’t Be Able To Have Kids Because Of Her Endometriosis

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Halsey is absolutely glowing after announcing she's pregnant with her first child. ICYMI, on Jan. 27, 2021, Halsey revealed gorgeous maternity photos and her mysterious relationship with screenwriter Alev Aydin. Following the initial announcement, Halsey's quotes about endometriosis reveal why she's feeling ultra-blessed for how far she's come.

On Thursday, Jan. 28, the 26-year-old singer shared a Polaroid on her Instagram showing off her baby bump. The post on her Instagram Stories also pointed to her scars from past surgeries from undergoing treatments for her endometriosis. Halsey drew two arrows pointing to her scars, writing "the scars that got me this angel," alongside the hashtag #endowarrior. The singer has been pretty vocal about her struggles with endometriosis in the past, referring to her "terrifying" surgeries, and she's finally been able to get pregnant.

In an Instagram post from January 2016, which has since been deleted, Halsey wrote, "Today I braved multiple terrifying surgeries." She continued, "The most important of which being the surgery that would hopefully treat my endometriosis." She addressed others who struggle with ongoing health conditions, writing, "For those of you who have followed this battle of mine or who may suffer with it yourself, you know the extremes to which it can be mentally exhausting and physically painful."

She also talked about her "excruciating pain" following her "cocktail of procedures." She concluded the post by trying to build up others. "If you suffer from chronic pain or a debilitating disease please know that I have found time to live a crazy, wild, rewarding life AND balance my treatment and I hope so much in my heart that you can too," she stated.


The "Without You" singer also shared some of her medical struggles with Rolling Stone in June 2019. After she'd undergone surgeries, Halsey revealed her doctors told her she might not need to freeze her eggs following her treatments. "I was like, 'Wait, what did you just say? Did you just say I can have kids?' It was like the reverse of finding out you have a terminal illness. I called my mom, crying," she admitted. She also joked about a "pregnancy pact" she'd made with her assistant, continuing, "Never mind. I don't need to put out a third album. I'm just going to have a baby!"

Her January 2020 album Manic also discussed the struggles in the liner notes. "I've been really open about my struggles with reproductive health, about wanting to freeze my eggs and having endometriosis and things like that," she wrote.

She continued, "For a long time, I didn't think that having a family was something I was going to be able to do, and it's very, very important to me." After revealing her OB-GYN said she may be able to get pregnant, she called it an "ascension into a different kind of womanhood."

She finished her statement, saying, "All of a sudden, everything is different. I'm not going to go tour myself to death because I have nothing else to do and I'm overcompensating for not being able to have this other thing that I really want." Finally, she said having a choice was a big change for her.

Her pregnancy announcement came on Wednesday, Jan. 27, when she showcased three beautiful maternity photos. The pictures showed Halsey looking absolutely glowing in a rainbow crochet bra top against a shiny white backdrop, as well as some topless poses. She also tagged screenwriter Alev Aydin in the slideshow and replied to his comment, which read, "Heart so full, I love you, sweetness." She wrote back, "I love you!!!!! And I love this mini human already!"

It's unclear what Haley's relationship is with Aydin is a romantic one or something more platonic, as neither she nor Aydin has revealed details about their connection.

After years of struggle, Halsey is feeling blessed to be able to carry a child, and it's so heart-warming.