Halsey Wished Her BF Yungblud A Happy Birthday With The Sweetest Insta

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It seems no one was more excited to celebrate Yungblud’s 22nd birthday than Halsey, who took to social media to share with the world just how much her British rocker boyfriend means to her. In Halsey’s birthday Instagram post for Yungblud, she put it all out there, writing: “darling dom. everyone who has met you in this life, for any amount of time at all, will be changed forever because of it. for some, in small ways they won’t even realize. for others, in a life changing wave. and every single one of them will be better, from having crossed your path for even a second. you leave an irrevocable shine on every soul you come in contact with. mine is gleaming. 💡,” she wrote. “happy birthday, I love you.”

Aww, it's clear that Yungblud has Halsey’s heart and honestly, I am thrilled. I'm a sucker for love, OK? And if you know anything about this couple’s relationship, Halsey's declaration of love on Insta makes perfect sense, considering it all began with Halsey sliding into Yungblud's DMs. In a joint interview with 97.1 AMP Radio while the duo was promoting their "11 Minutes" collaboration, Yungblud recalled how it all started: “She sent me her number on an Instagram DM. That’s it! I was like, that’s so cool. I was just in the studio with my mates and I was like, ‘Halsey just gave me her number and a black heart.'” Bold.

Halsey explained she reached out because she was looking to connect with someone and she was impressed with both his music and his work ethic. “I was sitting at home and I really wanted to have a real conversation with someone," she recalled. "I just got into an Uber by myself, went downtown, and we just met up … total stranger, I’ve never met him before. It was cool for me because it reminded me of when I was back in New York and making music, and I would do that; I would just link with other artists, and it felt really organic.”

The two first sparked rumors that there was more than just a professional level of collaboration back in November 2018 when they were spotted leaving the studio together and Halsey was carrying flowers. "There was a limo outside Milk Studios and at about 6:30 Halsey came out," an eyewitness told E! News. "It was so obvious there was something going on, they were so close. She was definitely feeling him, from what I could see it definitely seemed there was an attraction," the eyewitness said at the time. "They went to In-N-Out Burger, picked up food through drive-through and headed to her house." Stars! They're just like us!

It's safe to say there was, in fact, an attraction, and if Halsey's Insta post is any indication, she is very much in love with her man. Plus I'm not really sure if there's a better birthday present out there than a loving wish from Halsey, just sayin’.