Halsey Straight Up Morphed Into Wonder Woman With Her Met Gala Outfit

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Monday May 6's famed red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was an especially momentous event for one celebrity in particular, seeing as it was only her second time ever walking it. And excitingly, Halsey's 2019 Met Gala look truly allowed her to shine. The singer has been slaying red carpet style as of late, rocking everything from tuxedo pants and bowties to high low gowns and leather shorts (yes, really), so I was eagerly awaiting to see which direction she'd go in for the Met Gala. Clearly, she did not disappoint. Halsey's 2019 Met Gala dress was like she was straight out of the Wonder Woman comic book.

The theme of Monday night's gala was camp. Camp as in extravagant, kitschy, over-the-top, garish, ironic — not as in singing around a fire and rowing boats. Inspired by an essay written by Susan Sontag, the 2019 Costume Institute exhibition is entitled Camp: Notes On Fashion, and "examines how the elements of irony, humor, parody, pastiche, artifice, theatricality, and exaggeration are expressed in fashion," according to the Met's website. In terms of how this theme would translate to the Met Gala's red carpet, it was assumed that a more-is-more approach to style would by championed in truly unique fashion, and I've got to say, the looks we saw were some for the books.

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Halsey arrived to the event looking decidedly more theme-appropriate than she did back in 2016, when she first attended the Met Gala. This year, she looked every part the rising star she's become. She wore a bright red Atelier Prabal Gurung dress with an epic train, and gave us serious Wonder Woman vibes with her gold cuffs. Her nails and heels matched the fiery red of her dress, too. This might be my favorite look of the night.

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Let's revisit what Halsey wore to the Met Gala in 2016. Though certainly gorgeous, the dress left a lot to be desired, and seeing as the Met Gala is where extreme fashion isn't just encouraged but rather expected, it felt a little one note. The theme for that year was "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology" and was interpreted in a myriad of ways.

Some attendees wore looks that made them look like actual robots (think metal bodices and jewelry), while others opted for ensembles crafted with innovative technologies. Halsey arrived in a white dress designed by DKNY, and aside from the metal choker around her neck and sneaker-boot hybrid footwear, nothing felt overly futuristic about it. The top half of the dress resembled a tuxedo jacket, while the bottom was a simple, form-fitted skirt. Beautiful and well-designed? Absolutely. But did it stand up to other looks on that same red carpet? Not even close.

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I say this all to make a point: that Halsey's 2019 Met Gala style is only getting better and more impressive, just like the artist herself. I hope she continues to show up to the event year after year with her unique sartorial perspective in tow.