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6 Clever Pics To Take With Your Bestie On Halloween When You're Creepin' It Real


When you start to see black cats wander and pumpkins get lit, you know Halloween is right around the corner. It's truly my favorite time of the year. I love all things spooky and scary, so I embrace my witchy side. If you and your BFF have plans for haunted hayrides and carving pumpkins, you might want to capture the moments with Halloween pics to take with your best friend and post them on Instagram.

With all the fun October has in store for you, you want to make sure to post whatever you can on social media. How else are you going to remember that complicated feeling of being terrified at a haunted house, while also laughing so hard you could cry at seeing your friend get spooked? I personally can't wait until my first costume party of the season so I can have fun with the outfit I've been preparing for weeks.

You might even have plans to visit a haunted festival, cast a few spells, and eat all the discounted candy you can find. Along with those activities, you and your bestie need to add these six Halloween pics to the agenda. Not only will they capture the spirit of Halloween for you to fill your feed, but get you in the mood to have the most batty time around.

The Jack-O-Lantern Portrait Mode Pic

Carving pumpkins is a fall staple activity. Just because you're an adult now, that doesn't mean you can't continue doing this fun tradition. I love going to a pumpkin patch with my besties and picking out the biggest gourd I can find. It's always fun carving our designs and trying to outdo the year before.

When your masterpiece is complete, you need to snap a pic (or two) to show it off. It doesn't really matter what kind of pic you take just as long as your design is front and center.

However, portrait mode really helps to capture a cool shot. Hold your pumpkins out in front of your face, and have it be the main focus with you're cheesing in the background.

The "My Squad Ghouls" Group Photo

If you're anything like me, you've been plotting and planning your Halloween costume since the end of last Halloween. You can't help it if you love dressing up. Costume parties are where it's at. With every new party, you need another unique costume.

Before you dance around to the "Monster Mash," you and your crew need to snap a group selfie in your outfits. Don't forget to embrace your costume's attitude for the pic as well.

The Sweet "I Want Candy" Selfie

As soon as I see candy appear on store shelves, I know Halloween is near. I love finding the perfect mix bag that has every single one of my favorites included. That's when it becomes absolutely necessary to stock up.

When you have a good stash at home, you need to grab a sweet selfie with your BFF. It might even be fun to spread out your candy stash on the floor like you used to when you were kids. I remember sorting through my trick-or-treating loot to pick out my faves. Though, this time around, you and your best friend can use your candy pile to lay in for a nostalgic overhead selfie.

The "Hanging With My Witches" Plandid

I'm still waiting for someone to reveal to me that I'm secretly a witch like Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It hasn't happened yet, but I can dream. Until then, I'll just embrace my witchy side with my squad by wearing all black in October.

Have a night out and snap a few plandids of you and your best friends dancing around in the moonlight. You could also light a few candles or visit a tarot card reader or fortune teller. Whatever magical things you have planned, you need to capture the moments.

The "This Is Halloween" #OOTD Pic

Fall fashion is my absolute favorite. You get to wear cozy sweaters, cute beanies, and comfy hiking boots all day, every day. When October rolls around, you can get even more into the season by wearing the colors of Halloween like orange, purple, and black. Don't forget to put on a dark, bold lip as well. Then, take a cute #OOTD pic with your best friend that has a ton of 'tude.

The "Creepin' It Real" Haunted House Selfie

I seriously can't wait for all the haunted hayrides, houses, and mazes that are in my near future. I love getting scared. I know it's not for everyone, but I live for both the adrenaline rush and laughing at myself for overreacting to the little jump scares that happen at every corner.

If you're like me, you might want to check out Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. It really is my favorite thing to do every October because their mazes are movie quality. When you're trying really hard to be brave, but low-key failing, take a selfie with your bestie showing off how scared you really are.