three witches are sitting at the table and prepared the potion on the eve of Halloween

These Zodiac Signs Will Have A Darker Halloween Than All The Rest


Personally, I love Halloween with a deep, dark passion. This holiday grants me an excuse to fully embrace my inner weirdo and titillate all my most morbid curiosities. If you're as fascinated by all things taboo as I am, I bet you can relate. This is why I feel so much guilt telling you Halloween 2019 will be the worst for these zodiac signs — Aries, Leo, and Capricorn — but I promise it's nothing personal. I also promise it's not guaranteed the creepy holiday won't be a thrilling experience. When astrology indicates you may be having a hard time, it means the cosmos are forcing you to purge your demons. What better a time to do that than on Halloween?

In all seriousness, this is an especially spooky Halloween for one big reason: Mercury stations retrograde on Oct. 31. But this isn't just any ordinary Mercury retrograde, because it takes place in dark, twisted, and secretive Scorpio. Secrets are bound to reveal themselves, dangerous decisions might be made, and the emotional confusion could be very overwhelming.

Even though Mercury retrograde is enough to worry about, let's not forget destroyer Pluto and punishing Saturn are forming a conjunction that's building in strength with every passing day. There is a pressuring sensation felt this Halloween, as though you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and you have no choice but to carry on. Remain resilient and you'll only grow stronger. As Saturn opposes the North Node, you may even feel as though you're running in circles. How's that for a terrifying Halloween?

Don't worry — even if your sun or rising sign fall under Aries, Leo, or Capricorn, the darkness is no match for your power.


Aries: You May Feel Especially Terrified Of Walking Away

This Halloween, you may be feeling the weight of the chains currently tying you down. Whether you're chained emotionally or chained through other forms of attachment, you could be feeling especially constricted and aware of the fact it's time to break free. However, you might be so used to your chains that letting go is way easier said than done. Trust that there is a bright future ahead of you, and a period of discomfort may be necessary in order for you to get there. Remember, saying goodbye is another way of saying hello to something new.

Leo: You Could Feel Scared Of Going Outside And Being Seen

While everyone is going out and partying it up this Halloween, you may feel like hiding under your blankets and insulating yourself in your own little world — one where you feel safe. You may be the star of the show and feel pressured to keep up with appearances, but sometimes, even you need a little time on your own. Don't take this to mean you won't be celebrating the spookiest holiday of all. In fact, you'll feel incredibly creative and imaginative. You just might channel this energy into something far more personal and profound.

Capricorn: You May Not Know Which Monsters Are Real

Even though Halloween is supposed to be daring and fun, you might feel a little too preoccupied with your responsibilities and your desire to grow. Letting go of these anxieties so you can enjoy the festivities might feel more difficult than usual, but trust that so much of this anxiety is only in your head. Don't let one negative thought snowball into something far worse than it really is. Everything will work itself out and make sense down the line. Stressing yourself out about things you currently have no control over is of no use to you.