Picture of three emotional young women in halloween costumes on party with pumpkin.

Despite Mercury Retrograde, These Zodiac Signs Will Have An Amazing Halloween


Despite Halloween being a time of devious devils and ghoulish ghosts, it's probably the most creative time of the year. This is when you're encouraged to don your most colorful costume, attend the wildest of parties, and, of course, eat candy until your stomach hurts. Plus, Halloween is when the veil between realms grows thinner, allowing spirits to pass through with ease. No matter how you feel about this spooky holiday, Halloween 2019 will be the best for these zodiac signs — Cancer, Scorpio, or Sagittarius — and I've got astrology to prove it.

With the sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio, the energy is darker and more mysterious than ever. Scorpio lives in the underworld and is always running at the deepest undercurrent. This will light the candle of your soul and show you the truth of what lies within. On Halloween, the moon will also be in adventure-seeking, risk-taking, and spontaneous Sagittarius. Pushing you to try something new, test your limits, and get out of the house, this moon in Sagittarius makes this a Halloween you won't forget. As the moon forms a conjunction with expansive and indulgent Jupiter (which just so happens to be the planetary ruler of Sagittarius), feelings will be overwhelming and experiences will leave a vivid mark on your conscience.

However, if you thought this Halloween would be without any spooky surprises, you'd be dead wrong. Mercury stations retrograde on Oct. 31 in Scorpio, bringing up issues relating to your past. There may be obsessions that resurface, power struggles that claim your attention, and exes determined to haunt you. Luckily, if your sun or rising sign falls in Cancer, Scorpio, or Sagittarius, you'll still find a way to enjoy it.


Cancer: You'll Feel Like Doing The Monster Mash All Night Long

You're feeling alive with creativity and the desire to express yourself this Halloween. No one gets into the holiday spirit in the unique and effervescent way you do. Go all out with your costume makeup, attend all the parties you're invited to, connect with others over your interest in all things spooky, and don't forget to flirt up a storm with that masked Zorro over there. Let loose, create art, and pretend you're a little kid all over again. You'll have all the stamina you need to do it all, so let this be a Halloween for the books.

Scorpio: You're The Leader Of The Coven And Everyone Knows It

What can I say? Halloween is your time of year. You're feeling deeply in touch with yourself and everyone's on the same page as you. In a way, it's Halloween all year long when you're a Scorpio, because you're so naturally fascinated by the morbid and macabre. But on Halloween, everyone is seeing the world in the beautiful way you do and that makes it so much more special. This Halloween is all the more luxurious than usual, so feel free to spend those extra bucks on that expensive costume accessory and doll yourself up.

Sagittarius: Your True Powers Are Coming To Light This Halloween

You're feeling emotionally alive and more than willing to express your true feelings and connect to something deep within yourself this Halloween. You may feel a boost of confidence or the desire to heal through embracing your feelings. Whatever you're feeling, you're probably more than willing to feel it. This release will make you feel lighter, stronger, and ready to enjoy the bittersweet beauty of the present moment. You're coming alive and growing in a way that feels intense, but also invigorating. This is because you're becoming closer to tapping into your true self and all the superpowers you've been hiding.