Guys Reveal Why They Ultimately Swiped Left On Someone When They Hesitated At First

Imagine a guy is swiping through Tinder (or Bumble or Happn or The League or Hinge or whatever it may be) when he comes across your profile. He stares at it for a bit, puts his thumb on the screen, and begins the motion to swipe right... only to take one more look at your profile and ultimately decide to swipe left. WHAT THE HECK, RIGHT? What's his deal? What was the one thing on your profile that lost you the match? In a quest to find out why guys swipe left on women they almost swiped right on, we turned to the men of Reddit and asked them what their reasoning has been.

Read along and take tips from the guy who has about 4,459,598 (OK, FINE YOU'RE RIGHT, I'M EXAGGERATING) reasons he swipes right to the guy who has just one very succinct reason why he won't swipe right. Before you embark on this potentially harrowing journey, let me remind you: BE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT. Sure, some of these dudes might swipe left on you for your filter choice or your lack of a bio or for some other dumb reason, but at the end of the day, the guy who does swipe right will have done so because he likes YOU for YOU.

This guy won't tolerate a woman with no bio.

I check if she's written anything. If not, left swipe. If she's written about what she doesn't want more than what she does, also a no.


This guy has a whole laundry list of deal breakers.

I've used tinder for a while and noticed certain things that are an automatic left...if she only has her snap chat or Instagram she's just looking for guys to follow her and thirst over her.
If she has her cashapp in the bio then she probably thinks she's doing a favor by speaking to you or is looking for a sugar daddy or something g like that.
If there is no bio, she is just collecting likes for an ego/self esteem boost.
If her bio says "they/her/them" or something like that then it's a big no.
If she has a height requirement, which is usually 6 feet, it's a no. I'm not 6 feet.
If she says not looking to hook up/date, or just here for friends/someone to talk to it's also a no. Why the hell would I what a pen pal?
If she has some corny one line joke or the like, it's a no.
There are actually very few well written or thought out bios. More often than not it'd just a bad one liner and maybe something else that I can't go off of.
Besides that, a lot of college aged women on tiger just suck at conversation. They don't even try.
I kind of just collect likes nowadays.


Sarcasm is a hard pass for this guy.

any mention of snapchat/instagram or shitty filters
some holier than though bullshit "if you're just looking for fun fuck off" on a fucking dating app
any mention of sarcasm in any context, you're just an egoistic ass and think you're smarter for it
having some dumb ass broad statement or quote in your bio like you're a call of duty intro, you're not a special snowflake
I'm not surprised I'm single


This guy isn't waiting around for girls who explicitly state they won't make the first move.

Was thoroughly surprised when I reentered the dating game after my first proper serious relationship where I was badly abused. I had always thought of most women as social butterflies whereas we aren't typically but yet again they're more like us than some think. So many just want you to carry the conversation every single time and really impress them and the worst ones are the ones who say shit like "I don't text first." Really? Are you 14? Cmon.


This guy is over the dog filter.

That dog Snapchat filter


Don't bother including your Instagram handle if you want a match with this guy.

If the bio is garbage/non-existent
If they act like they're doing me a favor by so much as looking at my profile.
If they assume all guys want to sleep with them, especially bad if they're unattractive.
Girls who have their instagram usernames, makes it seem like they're only on there to find more followers.
There are a lot, but mostly it's just that girls and guys are on tinder for the same reasons, the faster they realize it the better it'll be for them.


This guy has no choice but to swipe left on women with height requirements.

-I'm 5' I guess it won't work out lol but if I find you attractive I find you attractive I don't care how tall a girl is....I guess some can't say the same.


OK, so we've heard what they think...but remember what I said earlier! Don't let their opinions stop you from doing you. If you like that doggy filter, GO FOR IT.

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