Guys Reveal Why They Ultimately Swiped Left On Someone When They Hesitated At First


Imagine a guy is swiping through Tinder (or Bumble or Happn or The League or Hinge or whatever it may be) when he comes across your profile. He stares at it for a bit, puts his thumb on the screen, and begins the motion to swipe right... only to take one more look at your profile and ultimately decide to swipe left. WHAT THE HECK, RIGHT? What's his deal? What was the one thing on your profile that lost you the match? In a quest to find out why guys swipe left on women they almost swiped right on, we turned to the men of Reddit and asked them what their reasoning has been.

Read along and take tips from the guy who has about 4,459,598 (OK, FINE YOU'RE RIGHT, I'M EXAGGERATING) reasons he swipes right to the guy who has just one very succinct reason why he won't swipe right. Before you embark on this potentially harrowing journey, let me remind you: BE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT. Sure, some of these dudes might swipe left on you for your filter choice or your lack of a bio or for some other dumb reason, but at the end of the day, the guy who does swipe right will have done so because he likes YOU for YOU.

This guy won't tolerate a woman with no bio.


This guy has a whole laundry list of deal breakers.


Sarcasm is a hard pass for this guy.


This guy isn't waiting around for girls who explicitly state they won't make the first move.


This guy is over the dog filter.


Don't bother including your Instagram handle if you want a match with this guy.


This guy has no choice but to swipe left on women with height requirements.


OK, so we've heard what they think...but remember what I said earlier! Don't let their opinions stop you from doing you. If you like that doggy filter, GO FOR IT.

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