Guys Reveal The Best Sexts They've Ever Received & It's Intense

It seems like less and less of our lives actually takes place IRL anymore. Sliding into the DMs is a perfectly normal and pretty common way to approach someone you find attractive, and eight consecutive double taps on an Instagram post very clearly translates to, "Hey, I'm into you." It’s no surprise then that sexting — the art of sending of risqué text messages with or without visual aids for what's hopefully the mutual benefit of getting off — is way more mainstream now than ever before. And that means everyone’s out to craft the best sext ever.

Sexting isn’t just reserved for casual Tinder matches, although if you want your match to know you’re DTF, this is probably the best way to do it. If you’re in a relationship, it’s also a good way to keep things exciting and, if you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s usually all you’re working with (besides Skype sex). The idea is to let your partner know you want them ASAP, even if they’re at work or especially because they’re at work. The Fifth Harmony ladies were definitely onto something when they sang, "I'm sending pic after picture, I'mma get you fired."


Sexting is exciting because it feels slightly taboo — will your mom approve of this? — and because your inhibitions are likely lowered since you’re not face-to-face with this person. While some might argue that this approach is impersonal, for those who are shy in bed, sexting can be a much more practical way of letting your partner know what you enjoy or what you'd like to try. (And, for the record, you should always let your partner know what you like in bed.)

If you’re not sure how to get things started via text, or you’re just looking to take your Samantha Jones-esque sex life to a whole new level, consider what these guys have deemed the best sexts they've ever received.

Keep it simple.

'Wanna have sex?'


Be direct.

I like women who are forward and know what they want. So, a sexy picture with a simple caption like, 'Come take me, Daddy,' will have me zipping through traffic.

— Chuck, 29

'I want you to cum in me and make me pregnant.' Needless to say it happened not long after.


'One night stand anal'

— Jrc7711

Use descriptive imagery.

'I'm so wet, that I might slide off this leather couch.'


'i want you to make my *ss cream again daddy.'


Or just imagery.

Pictures > words EVERY time.

— Chad, 29

Compliment him.

Two different girls said something similar: 'Looking forward to having your beautiful penis in my mouth later!'


Definitely verify the recipient first.

The best sext I ever got wasn’t actually intended for me. An older woman — I’m guessing late 60s — sent me a message about how she just got her first cellphone and then a photo of her chest.

— Joseph, 26


If nothing else, this proves one thing: Guys appreciate your flirty messages. It's equally as arousing for them — if not more — as it is for you. They especially like it when you tell them exactly what to do and that's good to know because sometimes a little direction is necessary. Sexting someone you've recently started talking to or seeing is a fun and easy segue into more intimate situations. If you're not the most vocal person in bed or if you get visibly flushed at the mere thought of dirty talk, consider sexting as a way to get more comfortable with the idea. Done right, this will be a positive thing for you and your partner, and a seriously good story to tell.

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