Gus Kenworthy's Travel Tips Will Help You Live Your Best Life On Your Next Getaway — EXCLUSIVE

Gus Kenworthy

Professional athletes have the opportunity to travel throughout the world. For Gus Kenworthy, the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang was yet another place he could add to his list of ventures. Traveling isn't all business for Kenworthy, though. Elite Daily had the opportunity to speak with the professional skier about a new collaboration he's formed with Marriott International. In addition, Gus Kenworthy reveals travel tips we can all keep close to heart when embarking on upcoming adventures. Gear up, because your wanderlust will want to book a flight or hit the high seas ASAP.

Through his collaboration with Marriott International, Kenworthy will continue to feed his wanderlust and inspire other travelers to get out there and explore the world, too. Marriott Moments is a compilation of "experiences" that's bringing those unique, not-so-obvious adventures to travelers. Much like the experiences offered through Marriott Moments, Kenworthy's personal recommendations aren't all of the typical hot spots, either. His favorite museums in Boston, London, and Paris can attest to that. With Kenworthy's help, Marriott Moments hopes to introduce these phenomenal experiences to passionate travelers.

One unique feature Marriott Moments spotlights is reporting real recommendations from experts, ranging from actors to award-winning chefs, and of course, travelers like yourself. There's no such thing as too much beneficial travel advice, which is why Elite Daily had to ask Gus Kenworthy about what tips he recommends to eager folks who are ready to pack up their suitcases and explore.

Keeping an open mind is key.

Openness is a sign you're welcoming new things into your life. You can't necessarily pack this in your carry-on bag, but if Kenworthy had to pinpoint one important thing to have with you when you're traveling, it would be to keep an open mind.

He explains to Elite Daily,

I think that when you're traveling, sometimes you show up and hotel rooms are much smaller, Airbnbs are not what they look like, or hostels are crowded — whatever it may be. But just be open-minded to the experience, because it's going to be a learning experience and it's going to be a cultural experience. And no matter where you are, what you're doing, or how you're having that experience, it's gonna be fun.

Some people might think that because they are going on vacation, every single part of the trip should be extravagant. It's not a totally bogus concept, but Kenworthy has another suggestion as to how to allocate your money.

You don't need to break the bank for accommodations.

Sure, those lavish hotel rooms look so comfy and plush in the pictures, but you aren't on vacay to explore a room in a new place. Kenworthy suggests that splurging could be put towards a different, more interactive portion of your trip.

He tells Elite Daily,

I feel like an easy way to save money is not splurging on a super nice hotel, because for me, when I'm traveling, I mean it's nice to stay in nice places, but also I like to stay out of the hotel room. So depending on where you're going and what the trip reason is, sometimes it's nice to just go cheap on accommodations, then you can spend more elsewhere.

One of the most time-consuming activities before your trip — aside from fantasizing about all of the wonderful things you want to do — is packing. The struggle to not over-pack, but also not feeling like you left anything behind, can be mind-boggling.

Kenworthy has experienced traveling to different climates during one trip, and he sheds a little light on a small technique that works wonders. So, don't panic too much if you're backpacking or traveling to places with various weather conditions.

Pack clothes that can be layered.

Layering clothes doesn't necessarily have to include a bunch of long-sleeved shirts, per say. They're items that can be shed if it's a little warm, or packed on if it's cold. It involves a little bit of a strategy.

Kenworthy tells Elite Daily,

I would pack as little as you need in terms of everything basically, but you have things you can reuse and re-layer for different conditions, then that makes it really easy.

One item Kenworthy brings with him is a candle in a mason jar. He reveals to Elite Daily that he likes to light it in whatever room he is lodged in during his trips, so that it sets an amazing ambiance and gives his surroundings a home-like feeling. It's also easy to just slip into your bag.

The only way you will ever explore the world is if you make an effort to get out there and see it. Living vicariously through Gus Kenworthy's Instagram pictures will only work for so long, and you deserve your very own fulfilling piece of wanderlust, too.