If You Had The "Cool" Parents Growing Up, These 7 Things Are Relatable AF

Not many people will admit this, but their "cool kid on the block" status was mostly because of their parents. (Weird, I know.) And of course, Mom and Dad wouldn't admit to it and steal any of your thunder, but their rad and laid-back demeanors resulted in that notoriety in your friend group when you were growing up. Growing up with cool parents in your group of friends most likely came with its ups and downs — and you really took note of the highlights.

For starters, everyone always wanted to hang at your place, because your parents were honestly a significant part of the squad. From childhood and even well into adulthood, their cool vibes and personalities have spread like a couple of legends, and the rest is history. You wouldn't trade them for the world, and you've turned down multiple bribes from your friends to be your new siblings.

It's pretty ironic, because as much as you may have tried to be "cool" growing up, all you really needed was what you were born with — your parents. It wasn't so easy being coined as the kid with the "cool" parents all of the time, but it certainly wasn't the worst experience, either. So, if your parents were way too cool for school when you were growing up, you can totally relate to these seven things.

People Always Wanted To Be At Your House

You know how teens usually flee their homes to spend time with friends instead? That was not the case for you. Your house was seriously the place to be when it came to making plans with your friends, because your parent's domain was dope as heck. Oh, and yeah, you lived there, too.

Your Friends Credited Your Awesomeness To Your Parents

You turned out to be a pretty cool person, and your childhood friends will never hesitate when it comes to reminding you how you ended up that way. Yeah, your parents made you super chill, and the only thing you can really do is express kudos and tell them just how much you love them.

Your Friends Had Full-On Convos With Your Parents When They Came Over

When your friends came over, you didn't huddle in your room or ignore your parents at all costs. If anything, they were always on the hunt for your parents just to catch up with them. Your friends found them to be so intriguing, but to you, they were just your good ole folks.

Your Friends Want To Be Just Like Your Parents One Day

You will never stop hearing that your parents should write Parenting 101 handbooks. Your friends can't get enough of their vibes, and they are constantly reminding you that they're going to be like them when they have kids. Well, at least your parents will have another option when they want to pester someone about having grandkids.

Everyone Assumed Your Parents Never Got Angry

One annoying thing about having the "cool" parents is that people perceive them as happy go lucky all of the time. They hardly believed you when you said you got into trouble for staying out past your curfew. The idea of your parents raising their voice at you sounded like an urban legend to outsiders, because there's no way they could portray anything but coolness.

What Your Friends Thought Was "Cool" Embarrassed The Heck Out Of You At Times

Your mom was super hip and could mimic any new dance move, and your dad recited lines from your favorite pop songs. These were all perfect examples of scenarios that embarrassed the heck out of you. And while everyone else was super fascinated with how hip your parents were, you couldn't crawl into a hole fast enough.

People Compared Your Parents To Theirs ALL THE TIME

Your parents were basically put on a pedestal. You'd constantly hear how your parents let you do this and that, while "normal" parents probably wouldn't. Your friends didn't mean anything rude by it; they just wanted to inform you of how lucky you were.

Your parents may have been dubbed the "cool" duo while you were growing up, but to you, they're great listeners and undeniably supportive. You may not have appreciated their "cool" status when you were younger, but you cherish it so much now that you're older.