'Grey's Anatomy' Stars Congratulated Sandra Oh On Her Emmy Nom & I'm Not Crying, You Are


It's been more than four years since Sandra Oh left Grey's Anatomy, and although hardcore fans of Cristina Yang's fierce realness still have fingers crossed for Cristina's surprise return someday, Oh has since ruled the roost at a new network. Her BBC America series Killing Eve launched a critically acclaimed first season this year, and Oh just scored a Lead Actress in a Drama Emmy nomination for her role in the series. Proving that Oh is still a member of the Grey Sloan Memorial family, Grey's Anatomy stars congratulated Sandra Oh on her Emmy nomination, and I'm so touched.

Oh was previously nominated five straight times in the Emmys' Supporting Actress in a Drama category for her work as Cristina, but her Killing Eve nomination marks her first time in the Lead category. With the recognition, Oh, who is Korean-Canadian, also became the first Asian woman that the Television Academy nominated in a lead actress category. Following the July 12 announcement of Emmy nominations. Oh released a statement to Entertainment Tonight, saying:

I feel tremendous gratitude and joy with this nomination. I am thrilled for [creator] Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s nomination and for the entire cast/crew of Killing Eve. I share this moment with my community. P.S. I think my mother at this moment may actually be satisfied.

Oh also shared her reaction to the news on Twitter, and I'm not saying that she's Cristina, but her bewildered face totally looks like a Cristina move.

While Grey's Anatomy technically nabbed its own Emmy nomination for the short-form digital series Grey's Anatomy: B Team (you go, interns!), members of the cast also celebrated Oh's achievement on Twitter, sending lovely messages to their former co-star. BRB, I have to stock up on some tissues after reading these tweets.

While Justin Chambers left the news of the nomination to sink in on his feed, Kevin McKidd, aka Cristina's greatest love Owen, also kept things short and sweet. Cue the shattering of fans' hearts everywhere.

The love for Oh even spread to cast members who weren't even on the show at the same time as her. Stefania Spampinato, who joined Grey's Anatomy as Carina DeLuca in the recent Season 14, called Oh her idol in a tweet.

Oh's former bosses also sent good vibes her way on Twitter. Krista Vernoff, the Grey's Anatomy showrunner, seemed thrilled in her unfiltered tweet, while Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes retweeted Oh's original post, as well as a message from director Ava DuVernay celebrating Oh's historic nomination. The Shondaland Twitter account also poked at all our feels with its very appropriate use of a Cristina and Meredith GIF.

Speaking of Meredith, would this nomination even be truly recognized in the land of Grey's Anatomy if Ellen Pompeo didn't say anything about it? Pompeo seems to have taken a break from her phone on the day of the nominations, so her reaction was a little delayed, but she made up for it with not one, but two tweets about Oh's special nod.

Just as Meredith would have Cristina's back, Pompeo has total faith in Oh's ability to take home that trophy on Emmys night. Suddenly, every heartwarming scene between these characters seems particularly relevant today.

Oh has previously spoken to ET about the importance of playing MI-5 officer Eve Polastri in Killing Eve and representing her race in these kind of hefty roles. She told ET:

I feel acutely aware of how important it is and I absolutely want to be a part of it in the best way possible. The best way possible that I know how is to find the most interesting material and to do my best work for it. It’s too important to not care about it or to not try and be out of the box in some sort of way.

Yass, girl! You are the sun!

It's so sweet to think of the entire Grey's Anatomy gang rooting for Oh's victory from afar. In case you missed out on Season 1 of Killing Eve, the full season is available to stream on BBC America's website for two more weeks. The show has also been renewed for a second season. That just means more chances for Oh to eventually win an Emmy if this year isn't her time.

The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards air on Monday, Sept. 17 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.