Greta Thunberg Weighed In On Trump Leaving Office & It's *Chef's Kiss*

Marka/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Donald Trump is on his way out the door, and Greta Thunberg is doing little to hide her excitement. On Jan. 20, Joe Biden will replace Trump as President of the United States, and his Inauguration Day has many celebrities speaking out about the turn of administration. While some are funny, and others are more serious, Greta Thunberg's tweet about Donald Trump leaving office was a whole mood.

Thunberg and Trump have a long-standing history of exchanging shade. Thunberg, who was dubbed Time's person of the year in 2019, has been vocal about her disdain for Trump. Trump publicly took a dig at her in a December 2019 tweet, writing, "So ridiculous. Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!"

Thunberg then cleverly adapted her Twitter bio to say she was "a teenager working on her anger management problem." Now, she's taking another page out of his book in trolling him. Her latest tweet echoed Trump's sarcastic September 2020 tweet where he labeled her "a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future."

Thunberg gave Trump a taste of his own medicine. "He seems like a very happy old man looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!" she tweeted alongside a photo of him departing the White House.

You can see Thunberg's tweet about Trump below.

Despite occasionally sparring with Trump, Thunberg doesn't want the media to take away from what actually matters: her work surrounding the global climate crisis. “Instead of speaking about the climate crisis they are going to try to make this a debate about me or my personality or my appearance," she told The Times in a Jan. 2 interview.


Thunberg turned 18 on Jan. 3, and while her age sets her apart from many others in her field, she has one thing in common with many activists, celebrities, and fans: she's happy to see Trump go.