Google's Top Trending Searches For Beauty In 2018 Prove America Loves Lashes

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It's always fascinating to see what people are obsessing or wondering about on a large scale level. Such data gives valuable insight into cultural and social trends and has the power to shape entire industries desperate to cater to a collective desire. Google's top trending searches for beauty in 2018, for example, not only reveal that Americans are absolutely baffled by fake eyelashes of all types (same, really) but that clean beauty and beauty brands with a cause are growing increasingly important in today's consumer landscape. Today, Google released their annual Year in Search Data for 2018 that breaks trillions of searches across news, film, entertainment, food, sports and more into easy and interesting lists and trust me, you'll definitely want to check them out.

To clarify, the trending beauty searches you'll find below are specific to the United States, although the search data as a whole does include searches made all over the world (you can select which region you want to see data for). Beauty trends are going to be vastly all over the world so it makes sense to hone in on those relevant to our own turf.

The trending beauty searches can be broken down into two categories: beauty questions and beauty brands. I guarantee you'll find the data for both interesting and you might even feel compelled to research a phrase or question yourself.

In regard to beauty questions, inquiries about lashes take the top three spots. Magnetic lashes, lash lifts, and individual eyelashes are apparently causing a lot of head scratching among Americans (myself included) and prove that our country is obsessed with full, volumized lashes. The other questions are all pretty standard in my opinion, except for number 7, which really stood out to me. The simple ask of "How to apply aloe vera on face" had me suddenly questioning my own method of caring for a sunburned complexion, because is there a wrong way to apply aloe on your face? I'm definitely going to learn something new today. See the full list below:

Beauty Questions:

1. How to apply magnetic lashes

2. What is a lash lift

3. How to remove individual eyelashes

4. What hair color looks best on me

5. How to do cat eye

6. How to take off makeup without makeup wipes

7. How to apply aloe vera on face

8. How to glue down eyebrows

9. How to fix cakey makeup

10. What color concealer to use

Now, onto trending searches for beauty brands. These results were also surprising to me for two main reasons. First, the top searched beauty brand was Beautycounter, which you'd think would fall way below other brands on the list like mega company L'Oreal or Charlotte Tilbury, who did the makeup for this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Beautycounter is a relatively new brand that's dedicated to providing pretty much any product you'd need with a clean beauty stamp of approval. Clearly, people are caring more and more about the toxic chemicals and ingredients that have been included in products for way too long. The other interesting brand on the list was Thrive Causemetics which, as its name suggests, is a cause-driven brand. This indicates that people want their shopping to stand for something and to support things that they believe in. Look at us raising our consciousness with out beauty shopping choices! Here's the list in full:

Beauty Brands:

1. Beautycounter

2. Charlotte Tilbury

3. Makeup Revolution

4. Thrive Causemetics

5. Pat McGrath

6. Milk Makeup

7. L’Oreal

8. Shiseido

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills

10. Lilly Lashes