You'll Be Drooling Over This White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Milk Shake From Godiva


Pumpkin spice is everywhere this year. The food trend is taking the world by storm, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. A well-known chocolate company is getting in on the tastiness by offering its own version of the popular PSL. Godiva's Pumpkin Spice Chocolixir is the sweet treat you need this fall, but it's only available for a limited time.

Starting on Monday, Sept. 10, you will be able to order the Pumpkin Spice Chocolixir at participating Godiva locations nationwide. What exactly is this elusive Pumpkin Spice Chocolixir, you ask? It's heavenly. The drink is made with white chocolate vanilla bean soft serve (OK, I'm sold) and is blended with fragrant pumpkin pie spice and salted caramel for the ultimate fall milkshake. The deliciousness doesn't stop there. The creamy drink is topped off with a few sprinkles of cinnamon to bring you the most extra (in the best way) autumn-inspired ice cream treat in all of the land. This cup of perfection can be yours for the price of $6.95, according to Godiva.

You should know that there's no caffeine component to this one, like you would find in Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte, but it still sounds like it will be a tasty way to celebrate the start of fall. Godiva's Pumpkin Spice Chocolixir is only available until the end of November, so get yourself one of these bad boys while you still can. The Pumpkin Spice Chocolixir is only being sold at 147 Godiva locations, so make sure to check with your local store before you venture out. You don't want to be met with disappointment when you get there.

Godiva is also rolling out several other fall treats including the limited edition Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice G CUBE, per the company. The individually wrapped truffles are the perfect grab-and-go treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. The G CUBES come in chocolate, dark chocolate vanilla, white chocolate coffee, dark chocolate mint, and more. These will also be available for purchase starting on Monday, Sept. 10. The 10-piece box costs $4.95 and the 22-pice box costs $11.95. Hey, if you can't trick-or-treat to snag fall candies, then this is your next best option.


Godiva has one more pumpkin spice treat up its sleeve. The chocolate company is also releasing a Pumpkin Spice Truffle Flight on Monday, Sept. 10. The adorable truffles feature a pumpkin spice ganache and are dipped in milk chocolate. The truffles are then wrapped in orange foil with a green stem to look just like a pumpkin. These candies might just be too pretty to eat. (Who am I kidding? I'm totally eating these.) You can get a 5-pack of Pumpkin Spice Truffles for $15.

There's a reason Godiva chocolates are so good. The company has been in business since 1926, according to Godiva, and prides itself on its exquisite and downright delicious Belgian chocolates. These fall offerings from Godiva probably have you drooling. Just remember, you will have to wait until Sept. 10 to enjoy the sweet pumpkin spice and chocolate flavors these treats have to offer. The good news is: you've got a couple of months to do so since the Pumpkin Spice Chocolixir is around until late November.