Godiva's Hot Chocolate Toppers Will Make Your Holiday Drinks So Insta-Worthy

Courtesy of GODIVA

Now that Halloween is over, it's finally time to start celebrating the holiday season. Break out the string lights, hang up your wreath, and start brewing some hot cocoa. To be honest, hot cocoa is one of my favorite parts about Christmastime. It's warm, chocolatey, and makes me feel *extra* cozy with every sip. Thankfully, Godiva is taking hot cocoa to the next level this holiday season. In fact, Godiva's Hot Chocolate Toppers are about to make your wintry drinks so much more Insta-worthy.

What are Hot Chocolate Toppers, you ask? Oh, they're only the cutest hot cocoa accessories that you'll ever see. Godiva introduced the decorative treats on Nov. 1 alongside the company's holiday collection for 2018. The entire collection features seasonal candies, gift boxes, and even a Chocolate Advent Calendar — but the Hot Chocolate Toppers are by far my favorite. The thin chocolate designs were designed to float on top of your hot cocoa and melt into it, resulting in a cute holiday beverage with a rich, chocolatey taste.

Each Hot Chocolate Topper boasts holiday artwork that'll put you into the spirit with every sip. You can choose from a Santa Claus or Snowman design, and both are equally as cute. Take look at the Toppers below and try to pick a favorite.

Courtesy of GODIVA

How adorable, am I right? These little guys would definitely take your hot cocoa Instagram photos to the next level.

Not only are they super cute, but they also taste delicious. According to Godiva's product page, the Hot Chocolate Toppers are made with the "finest dark chocolate" and will infuse your drink with chocolatey flavors as they melt. (I'm a huge dark chocolate fan, so I'm really excited.)

If you're stoked about the sweet decoration, you can buy a six-pack of them on Godiva's website for only $12.99. I can already imagine that everyone at your holiday party will love sipping on drink that features a Hot Chocolate Topper. (I know I would.)


I don't know about you, but I am craving chocolate right now. Thankfully, Godiva also released a brand new Assorted Chocolate Holiday Gift Box that features new cake-inspired chocolate flavors. The new flavors include Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie, Milk Chocolate Almond Cookie, Dark Pear Vanilla, and Chocolate. The candies are shaped as tiny pieces of cake so you can celebrate the holidays in a sweet way.

TBH, they're almost as cute as the Hot Chocolate Toppers.


In addition to various holiday chocolates, you might want to consider buying an advent calendar. As I previously mentioned, Godiva's Holiday Chocolate Advent Calendar 2018 is currently for sale on the company's website, and it's only $25. It includes milk, dark, and white chocolate — so there's bound to be something for everyone.

Speaking of advent calendars, there are tons of options that you can choose from this holiday season. If chocolate isn't your thing, you can opt for a Wine Lovers' Advent Calendar or a Ginvent Calendar. TBH, I'm just waiting for a hot cocoa calendar so I can put some Hot Chocolate Toppers to use.