Goddess Provisions' Newest Launch Is All Things Libra Season In A Box

Goddess Provisions

I always say that when you're online shopping, the thrill of the buy never ends. It begins when you click "Complete Purchase," gains strength as you impatiently track your package, and comes to a head when the package finally arrives. That thrill definitely consumed me as I waited for my Goddess Provisions' September air element box, because I knew it would be the highlight of my week.

There's no self-care quite like a monthly subscription box. I mean, who doesn't love presents? When you commit to a monthly subscription box, you're making sure you're always about to receive a present. And if you were looking for a gift sent straight from the cosmos, look no further than Goddess Provisions. These boxes are always tailored to the season in question, providing you with a slew of spiritual tools to help ground your soul, delve into your heart, and soothe yourself throughout the whole process. Looking through a box for the first time is like marveling at a treasure chest full of magic and each trinket contains its own special power. Inside, you might find products such as tea, candles, crystals, aromatherapy, superfoods, and items designed for self-reflection, like a new journal. Regardless of what the box contains, it's all meant to deepen your connection with the present moment.

Goddess Provisions' vegan and cruelty-free packages are an awesome deal. They contain items that amount to around $80 to $100 total, but with a monthly subscription, it only cost $33 per box. If you're not ready for a commitment, you can totally purchase one box at a time.

Goddess Provisions

The September Air Element Box Will Guide You Through Autumn

The shift from summer into fall is a spiritual experience. Summer is when the hot, blazing sun pours its energy into you, brightening your inner child and surrounding you with compassion. When the season runs its course, the winds pick up, the cold starts permeating the air, and the earth continues with its cycle of death and rebirth. It makes so much sense that autumn begins when the sun enters cardinal air sign Libra, which is all about striving for balance and harmony amidst the change.

The September air element box is designed with Libra's power in mind. To help soothe your circulatory system during this time, Goddess Provisions provides you with aromatherapy from Element Botanicals and a breath inhaler from Mystical Blossoms. To nurture your skin against impending dryness, there are skin oils from Ibu Ayurveda and Good Medicine Beauty Lab. To keep you warm, some tea from Hedge Witch Apothecary. To remind you to meditate, this box even contains a shard of smokey quartz for you to reflect on your inner power. And, since Libra is an air sign, you are meant to absorb some strength from the chill winds during this season, which is why Goddess Provisions also leaves you with a wind chime from Matr Boomie. The best part? The box still contains more.

Even though autumn is still a few weeks away, I felt as though it began when I received my September air element box. It immersed me in all the magic to come and allowed me a glimpse of so many beautiful fall memories yet to be made. Even when you're overwhelmed by the way time moves so quickly and it feels as though you're always being rushed, taking a moment to be present with the cycle of the seasons is always a grounding experience. Goddess Provisions understands this sentiment all too well.