Glossier's New Flagship Store Is The Freshest Spot In New York City

If you're in New York City and have any time at all to kill this afternoon (or at any point during the rest of your life), head to Glossier's flagship store ASAP. It just opened today on the corner of Canal Street and Lafayette Street and is as beautifully designed (and pink!) as you'd imagine. The store is the brand's first permanent retail location so you know they had to do it big, and along with serving as a space where you'll be able to shop for and try out any one of Glossier's cult-favorite products it's also Instagrammable heaven. Would you expect anything less from a brand inspired by and built for millennials?

Designed by Gachot Studios and P.R.O., the store is simple, sleek, and clean, just like Glossier's packaging and overall brand aesthetic. Textures within the space are key, from the grooved tables holding product to the wavy red couch that lines one of the walls. The entire space is bright and fresh, with a subtle rosy shade dominating the color palette. It's pretty much every beauty and/ or designer nerd's dream, so even if your vanity isn't lacking any products right now it's definitely still worth a trip.

As if that wasn't enough, the store also features something called the "wet room," which has been outfitted with four slate sinks and is meant for customers to try out provided skincare samples in. Being able to test a product on your skin before you buy it? Yes, please! Also within the store is an experiential room that doubles as an homage to Glossier's best-selling Boy Brow eyebrow gel ($16, as well as an ace photo opp. Giant mirrors line the walls and oversized bottles (they're just for show) of the star product also hold court. Weird? Yes, but I am dying to see it!

Another exceedingly cool and brilliantly convenient feature of Glossier's new space is that customers are able to add an item to their virtual cart while shopping in-store and finish their purchase online whenever they'd like. As reported by Forbes, online and offline purchases will be synced, meaning shopping the brand will be more seamless and stress-free than ever. It's details like these that truly show Glossier's dedication to listening to customers and giving them the best service and products possible.

Speaking of products, if you're not sure what to buy upon arriving to the flagship, I'll give you a rundown on a few of my favorite products. I am a total Glossier freak and have tried just about everything they make and while their entire line truly is amazing there are definitely a few specific things I want to call out.

First off, their Boy Brow really is amazing. It both fills and shapes my unruly uber-blonde brows and is as easy as a few swipes. It rocks. Their Haloscope highlighter ($22, is another product I use on the daily and is the perfect mixture of blendable, creamy, shimmery goodness. There's also the Cloud Paint blush (buy the duo for $30 at, which is a gel-cream pigment that will leave you with a super light and buildable flush; the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack mask ($22,, which detoxifies and conditions skin; and the Soothing Face Mist ($15,, which will spritz your skin with a soothing mixture of rosewater and aloe. And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Excitingly, Glossier also just re-launched their cult favorite (read: my favorite) Generation G sheer matte lipsticks ($18, Along with boasting durable new packaging, the lipsticks are now also formulated with hydrating ingredients like safflower oil and blue agave.

Time to go into the Gloss(ier).