Gigi & Zayn’s First V-Day As Parents Was So Lowkey & Cute

Dominique Charriau/WireImage/Getty Images

If there is one couple that can make you believe in love this Valentine’s Day, it’s Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, who managed to make the day both pretty epic and yet still intimate. Fans got a peek at their day via Hadid’s Instagram Stories, and no doubt adding to the sweetness of the day was the fact that this year’s holiday marked Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s first Valentine’s Day as parents. And while baby Khai isn't visible in any of the photos, her presence is felt throughout, and it's so sweet.

Hadid kicked off the day sharing a pic of a classic romantic gesture: a dozen red roses from her Valentine. Later that day, she shared a photo of Malik holding a “dad” mug. She also snapped a photo of him taking Khai out for a picture-perfect afternoon walk in her stroller, surrounded by trees and falling leaves.

As for their holiday dinner, the couple opted to keep things close to home and, instead of going out to eat, took the opportunity to make a special meal together at home using a recipe from Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski. She shared a photo of their main course with the caption, "Antoni, we were into the vodka sauce pizza idea."

Hadid capped off the day with one final photo on IG that focused on the love she has for their new little family. The black-and-white photo shows the couple standing together, foreheads touching and faces smiling, and surrounded by balloons. It's a romantic and joyful pic, but the caption's what really put it over the top. "I love you, Valentine & love the Valentine we get to share forever. 👼" wrote Hadid.

While the couple’s love was very much on display all day long, Khai herself never made an appearance — something that the couple did very intentionally, as they've opted to keep her life off social media. Though she was born in September 2020, they didn't share her name until January 2021, when Hadid changed her Instagram bio to “Khai’s mom.” Their desire to protect her is just another sign of just how close-knit this family is. And with this much love going around, it's no surprise that they totally crushed Valentine's Day this year.