New 'GOT' Season 8 Details From Sophie Turner Will Make Fans Scream Then Cry

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones Season 7 was a real surprise to fans. After so many years with high body counts, including the Season 6 finale, there were relatively few who died every week. There were a couple of spare Dornish here, a few miscellaneous Tarlys there. But other than Olenna Tyrell, there just weren't many significant deaths. Some suspected deep down the truncated seven-episode season was to blame, and Game Of Thrones Season 8's six-episode "back half of the ending" would be a bloodbath as a result. According to actress Sophie Turner, that's precisely what's about to unfold.

Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, isn't the only one who has been hinting these things either. Over the course of filming, there have been suggestions Season 8 will do in most of the remaining spare characters. While fans might love characters like Brienne, The Hound, and Ser Jorah, the fact remains they are not main characters, and their job is most likely to die, perhaps spectacularly, perhaps quietly, or maybe somewhere in between.

But this is Game of Thrones. If there's one thing every fan knows by now, no one is safe, not even the "main" characters of Dany and Jon. Let the bloodbath begin.


Speaking to 1883 Magazine, Turner suggested it will be worse than anyone imagines too.

This season is bloodier than ever. It’s full of betrayal, full of war, full of danger. That’s all I can say without giving too much away.

Funny Turner should mention betrayal. Season 7 set up several possible double-crosses. Jaime, for instance, may decide to side back with Cersei. Dany may choose to drop Jon like a hot potato when she finds out he has a better claim to the throne than she does. Though the Starks may stand together now, will they still when the Night King stands at their gate?


Turner's not giving anything away, though she says she enjoys reading all the theories online. In her opinion, the more wrongheaded they are, the better.

I remember when I dyed my hair blonde, and everyone thought Sansa was a Targaryen. Everyone reads very much into what we do in our personal lives. Obviously, you know [my] tattoo is related to the show. It’s just a quote from last season. I think the die-hard fans know that but we like the speculation. It keeps it interesting!

As far as she's concerned the more out there the theories are, the better for all concerned, because that makes it an even bigger surprise when fans learn the truth. Security for filming has been very tight for these final episodes, and no leaks have happened whatsoever so far. Turner wants it to stay that way too.

The more off the mark, the better for our season. So you know, I’ll throw them off with anything. I’m going to get a tattoo of completely wrong hints on my forehead.

Game of Thrones Season 8 will turn up eventually on HBO, at some point before the end of June 2019.