You Can Fly To Austin For $69 With Frontier Airlines' Easter Sale For A Cheap Vacay

If you celebrate Easter on Sunday, April 21, you've most likely spent the last week or so putting together baskets of treats for your friends and family. Maybe you filled them to the brim with colorful eggs, chocolate bunnies, gift cards, or even jelly beans. But in my personal opinion, the very best way to surprise someone for Easter is by giving them the chance to travel. So if you haven't already gotten in on Frontier Airlines' Easter 2019 flight sale on behalf of all your friends and family, it is — hands down — the best gift idea ever. I'm seriously way too excited about it.

Between April 20 and April 22, popular low-cost airline company Frontier Airlines is offering the travel opportunity of a lifetime, with a 60 percent off sale on several tickets that goes to and from a wide variety of destinations. Only a few of the discounted one-way flights, according to the Frontier Airlines website, include tickets on flights between Atlanta, Georgia and Austin, Texas for $69; flights between Las Vegas, Nevada and San Francisco, California for $34; flights between Nashville, Tennessee and Fort Meyers, Florida for $59; and flights between Washington D.C. and Denver, Colorado for $89. While it's not guaranteed that all the flight prices will last for the duration of the sale, I'd recommend scooping up the tix you like before 11 p.m. ET on April 22, which is when the sale ends.

Also, definitely make a point to check out the Frontier Airlines website to see the wide variety of departure and arrival cities for yourself. There are a ton of arrival and departure options available, so it goes without saying that picking just one flight will be nearly impossible.

To get yourself the full discount, according to the Frontier airlines website, use the promo code: SAVE60. Again, note that all flights must be purchased by 11:59 p.m. ET by April 22, and all non-stop flights must leave on any of the following dates: between April 24 and April 27; on April 30; between May 1 and May 4; between May 7 and May 9; on May 11; between May 14 and May 15; on May 18; or between May 21 and May 22. The 60 percent off discount applies to only the base fare, which does not include any additional fees or taxes. Also, remember that your ticket is only refundable for 24 hours after purchasing, so if you realize you can't go or if you accidentally book too many trips at once (LOL), don't hesitate to cancel it.

While I'm all about getting in on tasty, festive treats (like the Peeps Chick'n Coop Cookie Kit, or Reese's Puffs Bunnies cereal, for example), one of the greatest Easter basket additions imaginable is an airline ticket. Traveling usually tends to be pretty expensive, however, Frontier is definitely coming in clutch with this steep holiday discount. The hardest part of all will undoubtedly be picking just one destination — there are too many cities choose from, and so little time to get the discount. So, hoppy Easter, and safe travels! May this sale be ever in your favor.