From The Kitchen To The Bedroom, You'll Use These 43 Clever Products On Amazon Every Day

As much as you may love shopping in brick and mortar stores, scanning the virtual shelves on Amazon can be just as fulfilling. You may not be able to physically pick up and turn over products you're thinking about purchasing, but you can shop the clever products on Amazon from the comfort of your own couch — and what's better than that?

Whether you're in search of products to help your stay organized or gadgets to help streamline your everyday routine, Amazon is worth perusing. There, you'll be able to find everything from best-selling kitchen tools and helpful bedroom accessories to luxe eye massagers and cult-favorite magnified mirrors. In other words, the mega-retailer is home to highly-rated products for every room of the house.

If you're new to the online shopping space and aren't quite sure which products you can actually trust, you're not alone — but don't let that keep you from discovering all the products you never knew you needed. To help you have the most positive Amazon shopping experience, I've rounded up dozens of unique products that you'll want to use each and every day. Whether you're looking to upgrade your beauty routine, elevate your kitchen organization, or add to your collection of tech accessories, you're sure to find at least one item you'll want to click 'Add to Cart."

Lifestyle — From The Kitchen To The Bedroom, You'll Use These 43 Clever Products On Amazon Every Day

1. This Wooden Block That Keeps Your Tech Organized While Charging

Tired of a million cords sprawling all over your night stand and floor? You'll love this handy wooden charging station. It has four slots to hold phones and tablets, as well as a spot for your watch. What's more, the cords stay conveniently tucked on the underside of the block, so you won't have to deal with a mess of wires as you charge your gadgets.

2. A Beverage Chiller That Will Help You Perfect At-Home Iced Coffee

If you love iced coffee and iced tea — but can't say the same for the price it costs to drink one every day — it's time to add one of these hyper chiller kitchen tools to your cabinet. The gadget fits under most single-cup brewers (like Keurig and Nespresso) and transforms hot coffee into iced coffee in just 60 seconds. Just pour water into the double-lined design and pop the cup into the freezer. Once frozen, pull it out and pour your coffee directly into it. Let sit for one minute and your hot cup of Joe will be an iced delight without being watered down in the process.

3. These Straps That Keep Your Sheets From Slipping Off Your Bed

If you toss and turn all night long, then you know just how annoying it can be to wake up every morning to your sheets crumpled up in the middle of your bed. To keep your corners locked in place, try using a set of these bed sheet holder straps. The triangle design clips to both sides of the sheet — as well as the corner — so you'll finally be able to stop spending time every morning re-tucking your edges.

4. These Colorful Scrubbers That Make Washing Dishes Easier Than Ever

Sure, a sponge can help rinse away barely-there crumbs, but when it comes to cutting through melted cheese or sauce pans, sometimes you need a bit more texture to break up the grime. That's where the colorful kitchen scrubbers come into play. The silicone sponges have hundreds of tiny bristles that not only help throughly rinse your dishes, but they're easier to keep a grip on, too. What's more, the quick-dry design ensures that they won't grow bacteria like traditional sponges.

5. This Laptop Stand That's Easy To Bring Anywhere And Everywhere

Tired of hunching over your laptop? With this portable laptop stand you won't have to. The flexible aluminum desk, which comes in black and silver models, is made with tri-fold legs that allow you to use it laying down or sitting up. Additionally, it has a pull-out mouse pad and cooling fans, so your computer is fully accessible and will never overheat.

6. A Smart Plug That's Compatible With Both Google And Alexa

Remember when clap-on lights were all the rage? While you may no longer want to applaud your appliances to turn them on, I'd bet a hands-free option is still high on the list for many people. Which, of course, makes sense why this smart plug has become so popular on Amazon. With over 15,000 four- and five-star reviews, the voice- and app-control outlet totally changes the way you power electronics throughout your home. Simply plug it into the wall and plug your device in accordingly before logging it on the TP-Link app. You can label each outlet based on the electronic it's for or location it's at. The result? You'll never have to circle back to the house to check if you turned off the lights or the slow cooker, as it's finally just a simple click away.

7. These Delicious Gummies That Help Prevent Colds

Tired of always catching colds? These plant-based healthy immune support gummies can help. They're made with elderberry fruit, zinc, and vitamin C to help prevent and put an end to sneezing and sniffles. If you find that they don't work as well as you'd like, don't fret — there's a 60-day money-back guarantee. Ask your doctor before starting any supplement routines.

8. An Automatic Curling Iron That Does All The Work For You

If twisting and turning your hands and wrists to achieve your perfect hairstyle is getting old, you'll be stoked to discover this automatic curling iron. The easy-to-use hot tool has two heat settings to ensure that all hair types and textures can benefit from its design. Best of all, it has 90-minute automatic shut-off, so you never have to stress over whether you unplugged it.

9. These Silicone Gloves That Double As A Scrubbing Sponge

Don't let washing the dishes mess up your manicure or gross you out (wet food — ew). With these silicone scrubber gloves you'll be able to keep your nails looking fresh without having to dig your bare hands into whatever remains on the dishes in your sink. And since they're made with scrubby palms, you can ditch a classic sponge altogether and just use your hands to rinse your dishes clean.

10. A Magnified Mirror That Will Change The Way You Do Your Makeup

Whether you're trying to expertly apply a set of fake lashes or extract a stubborn blackhead, this magnified makeup mirror will come in handy. With 10 times the magnification and a convenient lighted rim, you'll be able to witness how your face looks up close and personal in natural daylight, as opposed to harsh bathroom lighting. Most notably, it has a wireless design, so just pop in some batteries and clip it into the stand or secure it to your mirror for easy use wherever, whenever.

11. This Double-Sided Brush That Makes It Easier to Reach The Bottom

Trying to shove your hand into a highball glass in an attempt to rinse the bottom can be tricky to say the least. Save yourself the pain of forcing your knuckles into small spaces by suctioning one of these double-sided brushes to your sink. Simply slip the glass over the brush and enjoy how easy it finally is to wash your cup.

12. A Handy Coiled Stand That Helps Makeup Blender's Dry Without Getting Mildewy

If you use a makeup sponge, you've likely wondered how to store it to let it dry. Instead of shoving it into your cosmetic case — which, BTW, can cause it to grow mildew — place it in one of these little beauty sponge holders. Not only will help it dry faster, but it looks pretty chic, too.

13. An Air-Tight Container That Extends The Life Of Guac

When you take the time to whip up a fresh batch of homemade guac, it's only natural to want it to last. However, if you pop it into a plain old storage container, that's rarely the case. Instead, store your leftovers in one of these air-tight guacamole containers. When you press the lid all the way down, it forces all the air out, ensuring that your guac will last longer in the fridge. It's great for other dips and leftovers, too.

14. An Eye Massager That Brings Spa-Like Results To Your At-Home Beauty Routine

Beauty lovers, rejoice. Here, we have an ionic eye massager that uses microcurrent technology to firm and tighten the contours of your eye sockets. The small head of the tool also works well when passed over cheekbones, your jawline, and any fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead. Using it for just five minutes every day is said to increase collagen production and promote a rejuvenated complexion overall.

15. This Shower Curtain That Takes Bathroom Organization To The Next Level

Without bathroom cabinets or the space for shelving you might think that your only option is to store your toiletries elsewhere in your home. However, so long as you have a shower, you can purchase one of these pocketed shower curtains. It has nine mesh pockets varying in size — all of which are airy enough to store wet products after using them in the shower. Alas, you finally have a space to place your loofah and body wash, all without having to clutter up the space within your shower or closet.

16. A Collapsible Colander That Fits All Sinks

Whether you're a pasta fiend or a veggie lover, you can't go wrong with adding one of these collapsible colanders to your arsenal of kitchen gadgets. Made with extendable handles and a silicone strainer, the colander easily fits all sink shapes and sizes to make washing your produce and straining your noodles easier than ever. And because the space-saving design folds down into a flat object the size of a cutting board, it's easy to store when not in use.

17. This Lidded Ice Cube Tray That Won't Spill When You Put It Back In The Freezer

Spilling a drop or two of water as you walk from the sink back to the freezer with a full ice cube tray of water is pretty inevitable — unless, of course, you're using one of these lidded ice cube trays. In addition to having lids to seal everything in, the trays are made with flexible silicone and plastic, which makes removing the frozen cubes much easier than with a traditional rigid design.

18. A Little Pink Cloth That Removes All Your Makeup With No Cleanser

Ready for your easiest makeup removal ever? This little pink cloth removes your makeup with zero cleanser whatsoever. That's what makes the Makeup Eraser such a cult-fave, it has the ability to rinse away eyeliner, mascara, and foundation with just water. All you have to do is soak the cloth under the faucet and wipe away the day's cosmetics. It's machine-washable and super compact, so it's great for the everyday, as well as travel.

19. These Coil Hair Ties That Are Super Gentle On All Hair Types

Tired of pulling out strands of hair when trying to take out your hair tie? Same. That's why I'm so in love with these smooth plastic coil hair ties. That, and the fact that, thanks to the spiral design, they don't crease hair, so you can pull your mane into a pony without worrying about a dreaded crease later on.

20. This Tablet Pillow That Makes Scrolling For Hours Much More Comfortable

Why hold your iPad uncomfortably in the air to scroll when you can prop it on one of these cozy lap pillows? The universal design fits just about every tablet in the book, including iPads, Surface Pros, Microsoft Surfaces, and more. The anti-slip surface ensures that your tech will stay put so you can easily scroll or watch your favorite show hands-free — and the memory foam base is comfortable if you prop it on your stomach or arm.

21. This Phone Holder That Makes FaceTiming And Streaming Hands-Free

FaceTiming and streaming your favorite TV shows is meant to be relaxing, so don't make it stressful by having to hold your arm in an uncomfortable position for minutes on end. Instead, hook your phone into one of these gooseneck phone holders and clip it to something stationary like your bedside table or headboard. The adjustable design fits just about every phone model, so you might as well buy one for all your besties, too.

22. The Hot Brush That Thousands Of Shoppers Are In Love With

Streamline your hairstyling routine with Revlon's One-Step Hair Dryer. This hot tool works to dry hair while enhancing volume, so you won't need to take twice as long to dry and style your strands. Plus, since it's made with ionic technology, it helps fight frizz in the process. Simply brush it through damp hair — wrapping your tresses around the barrel as you go — to create a DIY blowout that looks fresh out of the salon.

23. This Makeup Organizer That Saves Space And Creates A Stunning #Shelfie

Clear the clutter on your vanity with one of these 360-degree rotating cosmetics organizers. The circular design has adjustable shelves so that you tailor it to the height of your skincare, haircare, and makeup needs. It's available in black, white, and clear acrylic, so you can even match it to your bedroom or bathroom's aesthetic.

24. These Hangers That Keep Your Tank Tops Organized Without Taking Up Extra Space

I totally understand wanting to hang up all your tank tops, but why take up extra space when you can string them all on these innovative closet organizer hangers? Each hanger can hold up to eight tank tops, making it a must-have for any one trying to make the most of a small closet (hello, just about anyone living in New York City).

25. This Hand-Held Vacuum That Sucks Up Even The Finest Pet Hair

You can love you pet to pieces without being totally fond of their shedding. To help clean up all the pet hair around your house, make sure to add one of these hand-held vacuums to your cart. The rubber nozzle is designed specifically to suck up even the finest hairs, ensuring that your home will finally stop looking furry.

26. An Expandable Organizer That Will Keep Your Kitchen Drawers Tidy As Can Be

Save your kitchen from being a cluttered mess by using these expandable drawer organizers. Each organizer has a minimum of six compartments, with an option for eight if you expand the sides. It's made of high-quality bamboo that's easy to clean and hard to stain. In other words, you'll likely want to buy one for each drawer.

27. This Padded Seat Cushion That Takes The Tension Out Of Your Tailbone

Sitting on hard surfaces might feel sturdy at first, but eventually there's a good chance it will become uncomfortable. To prevent that from happening, tote one of these portable seat cushions with you wherever you go. The unique grid design helps distribute weight, which makes for less pressure on your back, tailbone, and hips as you sit. It can relieve pain from sciatica, and one review writes: "The first day I brought it to work I was waiting to see when the pain would come, 3 hours went by, then 8, then 12, and I was on my way home completely shocked. I had no back pain the entire shift, the cushion absorbed ALL the shock, the design is breathable so it kept my hind end from sweating like it used to, and so I tried it again the next shift, same results. Life at work just became that much more enjoyable."

28. A Carabiner Charger That Simplifies Juicing Your Gadgets On-The-Go

If you have a knack for running your battery down by mid-day, it's time to buy one of these handy keychain chargers. The slim power bank easy fits into your pocket and quickly charges your phone, making it a must for anyone on-the-go. Most notably, the 5,000 mAh battery will bring your phone back to life two full times, so you don't have to plug it in to recharge between every use.

29. This Portable Cleansing Brush That Will Change The Way You Wash Your Face

Whether you wear makeup every day or go bare-faced on the reg, it's important to deeply cleanse your skin each and every night. Instead of relying on an old school washcloth, try this cult-favorite facial cleansing brush. The small but mighty design massages your face to cut through the buildup of makeup, dirt, and debris, all without irritating your skin.

30. This Gadget That Will Keep Your Laptop Cord Free Of Tangles

When you leave your laptop charger laying around, there's a good chance that the long cord will twist and turn into knots, much like classic wired headphones. To avoid the headache of tangles, wind your cable through this laptop charger organizer. Before purchasing it, just make sure to buy the correct version for your specific charger.

31. This Handheld Frother That Helps Create Cafe-Quality Lattes At Home

Coffee lovers understand the importance of a perfectly frothy latte. As such, they're willing to drop cash on the daily to score the delicious drink from the local coffee shop. Sound familiar? If you constantly crave frothy hot beverages, you might as well add one of these best-selling electric milk frothers to your collection of kitchen tools. With just a click of a button it will masterfully blend your favorite café au lait or hot chocolate — for a cafe-like result every time.

32. This Colorful Toilet Night Light That Will Save You From Tripping In The Dark

Waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom is annoying enough as it is, and the last thing you want to do is trip in the process. To save yourself from falling in the loo, pop one of these motion-sensor night lights into the rim of your toilet. It works by sensing your body heat as you walk into the room, at which point it turns on, before turning off when you walk back to bed. You can choose which color it will display or let it cycle through all 16 colors for a rainbow effect.

33. These Tube Squeezers That Will Pinch Out Every Last Drop Of Paste

Nobody wants to be wasteful, but so often we find ourselves throwing out half-empty toiletries simply because we can't get the rest of the product out. Luckily, when it comes to toothpaste, lotions, CC creams, and more, these tube squeezers are here to help. Simply slip the end of your tube through the middle opening and squeeze the remaining product down to the nozzle of the tube for easy access.

34. This Splatter Guard That Protects Your Hands And Stovetop From Grease

If you're like me — despite being a full-blown adult — the idea of frying and sautéing foods on your stovetop comes with a certain level of fear of being burned. After all, the splatter is real. To save yourself (and your stovetop) from nasty grease splatter, fit one of these silicone splatter guards around the edge of your pan. It's designed to keep grease contained without preventing steam from escaping. As a result, you can cook bacon and other delicious foods without accidentally harming yourself.

35. This Cutting Board That Streamlines Chopping And Sorting Veggies

Cutting veggies is pretty straightforward, but transferring from the board to the bowl can sometimes cause chaos (and a messy floor). To save any of your freshly-cut produce from falling on the ground or in the sink, opt for one of these chop-above cutting boards. Place a bowl underneath the adjustable height board and chop away.

36. This Rack That Keeps Your Cabinets And Countertops Free Of Clutter

When it comes to the kitchen, there are few things more annoying that opening a cabinet only for a stack of pans to come falling out. To keep your pantry free of clutter, organize your pans with this houseware organizer. The stainless steel design has three slots to organize up to six pans, lids, or cutting boards.

37. This Stainless Steel Pan That Will Help You Perfect DIY Eggs Benedict

One of the best items on any brunch menu is eggs Benedict — however it also tends to be one of the priciest. To save yourself the cash without sacrificing the breakfast delicacy, add one of these egg poacher pans to your collection. It's designed to perfectly poach four eggs at a time. When you're done cooking your eggs, simply remove the quad insert to cook the rest of your meal using the same pan.

38. These Globes That Work Wonders For Headaches, Sinus Pressure, And Redness

Before you take your favorite OTC pain-reliever for headaches or inflammation, consider getting hands-on with these glass bulbs. The liquid-filled tools are designed to be frozen to use cooling power to address everything from migraines and breakouts to sinus pressure and inflammation. One reviewer writes: "I use them in the morning after I put on a serum but before my moisturizer. They make your eyes feel better (especially if you have hereditary puffiness like me). My favorite is after done with my face, I put them right behind my ears on the pulse points. Makes you feel awake and refreshed."

39. This Headband That Keeps Your Hair Out Of Your Skincare

The time you dedicate to your skincare routine should be savored, not stressed over. To help make the process as calm as possible, be sure to wear this cat ear headband. The microfiber hair accessory will keep your strands from sticking in layers of lotions, serums, and creams — so you can focus solely on a mellow application and beautiful results.

40. This Squishy Ball That Relieves Stress And Improves Grip Strength

Did you know that the muscles in your hands are the most overworked muscles in your entire body? So while you may love focusing on leg day, it's important to take the time to tend to your fingers, palms, and grip. That's where this squishy stress relief ball comes into play. It's designed to provide fingers with light resistance to stretch, strengthen, and tone the 35 muscles that are responsible for finger and thumb mobility.

41. This Miniature Fan That Keeps You Cool Wherever, Whenever

Whether the air condition in your office doesn't quite cut it — or you love direct air flow while laying in bed — this clip-on mini desk fan can be of help. Simply clip it to any stationary object, plug it in, and boom. If you want to bring it on-the-go, stock it with a battery, otherwise you can use a wall outlet or even your computer's USB outlet.

42.This Grippy Bath Mat That Will Keep You From Slipping In The Shower

Afraid of slipping in the shower? Amp up your stability with this suction rubber bath mat. The durable, antibacterial mat is machine-washable, so be sure to deeply cleanse it every few weeks. It's also mildew-resistant and BPA-free.

43. This Whisk Wiper That Gets Into Every Nook And Cranny Of The Tool

As much as you might licking the whisk after mixing a batch of cookie dough or brownies, it's not always the cleanest option — and you're missing out on more cookies! To save yourself every last drop of dough or batter, use this whisk wiper to get into every contour of the kitchen tool. The plastic gadget comes in a variety of colors, so take your pick — and it comes with a whisk. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.