Francis Lola Is Going Full-Out When It Comes To Karaoke

by Alexa Mellardo
Elite Daily

If you have an Instagram account, then you've more than likely saved one of Francis Lola's gorgeously curated Instagram pictures as inspiration for your next trip. A full-time influencer, Lola's Instagram feed is home to all the dreamy travel, lifestyle, and fashion you're hoping to channel on your next overseas vacation. Whether she's sipping on a piña colada poolside in a bright orange bikini and coordinating sunnies at Nobu Los Cabos or enjoying a pretty spread of pastries on a double decker bus in London, Lola has a knack for putting together a killer ensemble and scoping out the coolest bucket list spots.

Although global shelter-in-place orders have kept her in one place for the past two months, Lola hasn't stopped serving up enviable trips and outfits for her dedicated 361,000 Instagram followers.

I spoke with the in-demand influencers for Elite Daily's How I Take Care feature, which shines a spotlight on how your fave influencers, TV stars, TikTokers, vloggers, activists, and musicians are taking care of themselves amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Lola's quotes will have you wanting to plan a karaoke night in your living room with your quarantine buds and capture fun IG content at home.

Who she's quarantining with: Her fiancé and manager, Josh

One thing she took for granted before quarantine that she appreciates a lot more now: Going for a drive and listening to music. "I treat my car like a karaoke system and it's my own private concert."

One local eatery she can't wait to visit when it's safe to do so: Mizlala

Her go-tos on IG for travel inspo: Marie Fe and Jake Snow, Jack Morris, and Lauren Bullen

How she's currently filling up her time: Beginner's ballet Zoom classes and karaoke, "complete with laser lights to really complete the party aesthetic."

The first place she's traveling to when this is over: Palm Springs because it's "close and convenient, and I want to be able to support businesses here in America first before I go anywhere [else]."

Francis Lola

She's getting creative with content at home.

I've actually been shooting quite a few things at home, which I've never done before. And I've been using my iPhone to shoot pictures, which I never really did before, either. I've been trying to shoot more at-home content that people can relate to and encourage readers to stay home and be patient. I also just throw in old photos that had never been posted before; I have a ton of photos.

She's still taking #OOTD photos.

I've been loving [getting dressed] at home, even though we're not really going anywhere. Almost every day I'll put on my makeup and get dressed as if we're going somewhere. It just helps pick up my mood and it makes me feel good in my clothes or whatever I have on.

Francis Lola

She's learning to be OK being alone.

I am a really extroverted person and I really hate being by myself. I would never be able to live by myself or go on a trip by myself just because I'm not like that. But this isolation has taught me I can be alone for a little bit.

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